Work From Home v/s Lockdown

Now a days people are suffered a lot due to lockdown. No one can do their respective jobs. The economy of nation become sudden fall, share market are also becoming a suicidal point. Many of the companies cannot give certain salary to their staffs. But a good thing is most of the companies are advised their staffs to 'work from Home' . Like world most popular company GOOGLE allowed their staff to work from home till this 2020 end. Most of the people came to know about,what type of society we are living in! The homemaker are now becoming a entrepreneur, a social staff, a small businesser, a you tube channel owners!
A survey made out it said that most of the you tube channels are made in this pandemic situation. They made their daily food recipe in the channel but it also made to some 10k views
Students also like to earn something to their family! It made a good thought on youngsters. This months only our environment also clean! Work from home is good for many people no tensions, no traffic, no stress, therefore it leads to good health!  I am also started to earn something for my family, so I started writing because it comes easily for me!
Economic status is very down in this pandemic situation so there is no certain jobs for people we should make our online jobs then only we can survive. Women also now becoming entrepreneur. So we should allow our house ladies to choose what a field they want. 
They a be a journalist., filmmakers, musicians, dancers etc. All this will happens when we change