Work from home is a concept where in people can do their respective jobs from their homes without having to go anywhere. It includes everything starting from schooling, attending college lectures, office work etc. Stuck in the middle of a pandemic, the work from home concept has received a new momentum as people are trying to stay safe and remain confined to their houses. At the same time from children to adults, everyone is doing their duties from home. U just need a laptop or desktop and a good internet connection and you are good to go. Well, working from home has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the advantages first.

YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN SCHEDULE - The most interesting thing of working from is flexible work hours. You can start your work at any time of the day until and unless you meet your deadline or there is an exact timing given to you, for example, in case of online classes. You can set up your workplace at any of your favourite corners, grab your favourite meal and continue working. You don’t have to panic to get up early or hustle to reach your office on time or get stuck in disgusting traffic jams. You can literally wake up a bit late, have your breakfast and start your work in your pajamas. Similarly, there is not a hard and fast rule that you have to finish your work fast if you need to return home early. Now you can even work late at night if somehow you were unable to manage time during the daytime.

CUSTOMISED ENVIRONMENT - The environment you are working in can have a lot of effect on your work.  At home, you have the freedom to work satisfying your comfort zone. There is no specific rules and regulations which you need to follow in your office otherwise. You can listen to loud music while doing your work and sing your favourite song while working which makes your job more enjoyable. You can switch your song according to your mood and continue working. Moreover, the fun fact, u can take break and grab your snack whenever you like. Nobody is going to judge you.

FORGET GETTING JAM-PACKED- Well, reaching your workplace from home is no less than a herculean task specially in metropolitan cities. There is huge traffic jam as well as the public transports are overcrowded for you to get sandwiched. Probably, you lose a large part of your energy by the time you reach office and hence you feel exhausted which directly or indirectly affects your work. So, in short, now you don’t need to worry about people scuffing your new shoes or walk behind painfully slow people who don’t even bother to walk in a straight line. Sorry if I sounded rude!

ENJOYABLE AND EFFECTIVE MEETINGS- Finally, you can avoid attending monotonous meetings sitting for hours even if u don’t want to. No amount of coffee and donuts can make you sit in any conference room for a longer time. Believe it or not but it is suffocating. So, by working remotely, you can not only be able to choose your favourite meal and seat but also you will be much more productive. Just with the help of a few clicks, you can start a videocall with the people you want and discuss anything. The 45 minutes meeting can be reduced to just 15 minutes. Also, the chat box is always there to send documents or files within seconds and hence you can save a lot of time and concentrate more on your work.

WORKING BECOMES MORE FUN- People think that they will be all alone while working remotely and it can be boring. But the truth is different. You can actually have more fun while working from home. In this digital generation no one is actually left alone. There is a huge range of communication tools for remote workers available now. You can have fun with your colleagues with features like chat room, emojis, videocall and many more. This refreshes your mind specially when you need a break doing a tedious work for hours.

YOU CAN KEEP IN TOUCH MORE EFFECTIVELY- As you don’t have anybody physically around you while working. (unless your kids end up disturbing), you realise the importance of keeping in touch. Just because you cannot reach your co-worker sitting beside you or far from you whenever you want, you make sure that you text him or her or make a videocall if needed. In this way you are able to refine your thoughts, discuss your issues related to work and thus save both of your precious time as you no longer have to get up from your place every time you need assistance.

YOU BECOME MORE FOCUSSED- Your concentration and will power increases while working remotely. Slowly you will learn to avoid being distracted by the small little things happening in your household. You will find yourself more productive when you work remotely. There will be no co-worker seeking help or you have to waste your time just for the sake of socializing. You can control your working environment much more. You don’t even have to worry about hurting someone unintentionally by not responding to them just because you are busy. In short, your work gets first priority over anything else and soon you will realise you are doing more work and less of time waste.

SAVE MORE MONEY- Yes you can actually cut down your expenses to some extent by working from home. You no longer will have to bear the cost of transportation for your cabs, buses etc. You can sit comfortably at your home and work. Also, most of the people forget or even intentionally don’t carry lunch from home. Eating outside with your co-workers has become very common these days. Even if you don’t want but you will have to just for the sake of socialising. Even there are days when you end up spending more than your budget allows you on yourself and on others as well.  Staying at home you can enjoy your delicious favourite dishes without spending much and thus you can save your hard-earned money.

MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES- Working remotely, you get more time to spend with your family. If you have kids at home you have a lot of time now for them which earlier wasn’t possible coz you left early in the morning when they sleep and by the time you return, they get back to sleep again. If someone is sick at your place, you have enough time to look after them too. You even get the time for extra cuddles with your pets. Last but not the least, you have more time for yourself now. Due to the din and bustle of dad to day life we often ignore ourselves in order to cater to the needs of others. This pandemic has given us the opportunity to rediscover our passion and creativity. Be it singing, dancing, painting, reading books exercising. Even if nothing, you just have the time to sit back and relax.

Well like every other thing in this world, the working from home concept has its own drawbacks as well.

LACK OF WILL POWER- Yes, it’s a harsh reality that some days you start your day on a serious note, concentrate on your work, and then suddenly a notification from Netflix reminds of all the episodes you have left unseen. It drags your attention and your productive day becomes a waste. By the time you realise, its too late. Hence you end up increasing your workload. Which would not have been this way if you were in your office along with other colleagues in a work-friendly environment.

POWER NAPS- Well, it is necessary and is not harmful as long as your 30 minutes nap accidentally lasts 1 hour after eating to your heart’s content in the afternoon. If you do not have control on your sleep, this work from home thing can be a disaster for you as there will be no one around you like your office.

BOREDOM- Sometimes it sucks when you are working alone. You miss those chatterboxes. Am I right? Well yes, I am. When you are with your co-workers the workload doesn’t feel so much as you know there are others around you. If they can why can’t you. But sitting at home you often tend to get bored working all alone.

WORKING SLOWLY- Sometimes our home doesn’t provide the right environment to work like our office. It might be due to various reasons. This leads to reduce your working speed and you take longer than usual to complete your assignments. At times you even feel lethargic.

POOR INTERNET CONNECTIVITY- Well not every single person has WIFI at their homes and not every single area offers good connectivity. This has effect on your work. Because even if you complete your work on time you may not be able to submit it on time due to poor connectivity and buffering. Sometimes you can even miss important meetings as you are not able to join your colleagues over videocall due to poor connectivity.

LONGER TIME TO CLEAR DOUBTS THAN USUAL- Suppose you have doubt regarding your work. You even seek help but the other one takes long time to respond. And the worst thing, what if you cannot start your work without clearing that doubt. Your next couple of hours are going to be wasted if he or she doesn’t respond you on time.

Nevertheless, working from home can be a gamechanger if you don’t take it for granted and work wisely.