What type of freelancer are you?

If you’re new to this freelancing game, you may feel a bit confused about the arrangements and types of work that freelancers do. If you’re a current freelancer, you may look around and feel a bit confused about eveything.


Freelancing is easy and tough at the same time, you need to be highly organized if you want your work to be at ease. For that, first you need to differentiate and understand the kind of freelancer you are and accordingly you need to manage your work.


Let's check out what category do you fit in


1) Independent freelancer :- In this category, freelancers typically operate their own Freelancing projects. They are their own boss. They go out in the market and look for new opportunities and get the deal later on. These type of freelancers do everything by themselves, from client servicing to accounts to actual freelancing work.


2) Moonlighters :- These freelancers have a steady job (perhaps a day job) and then supplement their income with other independent projects on the side. Having a traditional job and hustling on the side can be challenging but it is the most stable process ever, because you will have a fixed stable income every month. Planning and organizing your work is very crucial.


3) Diversified :- These type of freelancers have a mix of income. They differ from moonlighters in that the mix is more diverse than simply a “regular” job supplemented by a contracted project. This is basically hustling to next level. This is about having multiple streams of income, having 2-3 jobs along with freelancing


4) Temporary freelancers :- These workers have projects with a finite timeframe. You can apply for a full time, part time, home based Freelancer Job for a certain timeframe. You can earn huge income just by spending few hours daily on working for skills like Online Marketing , Internet Marketing , Web Marketing , Digital Marketing and much more