We all have the superpower to change and enhance the way we live and do things

I always knew that there will come a time when the world would see its doomsday for all that we have exploited it for, but not once did I decipher even the possibility of being unable to step out of my car because I forgot my mask at home. Previously, I used to match my earring collection with the outfit I wanted to wear, but now I’m wondering what mask shall I bring with me. This is what everything has come down to. There’s an offer that I saw on a few online sites that said “Buy 5 masks, get 5 free” and I wondered to myself that oh, so this is a long term subscription that all of us have unwillingly signed up for.

2020 is legitimately canceled. And along with it, our plans for the possible future, family trips, occasions, events, and jobs. But one thing that is still breathing amidst this cavernous ocean of sorrow and regret is our will to work. Work from Home is just a fancy word for the home office that we all had and didn’t recognize up until the point everything was shut down. If anything, this is just a manifestation of bringing our worries home, sending emails till late night, going through a presentation for the next day, and reading up minutes of meetings for a possible agenda to talk about. Let’s face it, we’ve all done this.

But I believe this shouldn’t come to us as a surprise, after all, we live in a technologically driven world with newer advancements launching with every breath we take. This transition was only a matter of time. Work from Home has really changed the scope of the modern office. We can still get clients and improve sales by sitting in our pajamas, and I reckon that is the true level of achievement that we have successfully unlocked. You may argue that zoom meetings are bothersome, but ask yourself- aren’t all meetings? These advancements have certainly redefined our capabilities to withstand pressure and commitment in the comfort of our own homes.
I simply do not agree when work from home jobs is portrayed as easy and godforsaken when it takes an equal amount of time management, dedication, and hard work to meet deadlines. In fact, I would argue that it takes a lot more endeavor to work amidst the kind of ease where you’d rather sleep. The demeanor of work from home jobs tests you to overcome any kind of procrastinative behavior just by getting out of bed. For me, that is quite an impressive change in the mindset of thousands.

Work from Home has undoubtedly evolved the existence of a conventional lifestyle and transformed it into something unimaginable. It is perfect for the environment as it reduces carbon footprints, electricity, and other working expenses. The only downfall of a work from home job that I can get behind is the development of the adjustment ability of an individual in an office surrounding. That feeling of isolation at home. But that’s about it. You are free from the daily hustle of running to your office, wearing formals and skipping breakfast almost every day. You procrastinate your way throughout the week and postpone all your plans to a weekend, and when it comes you just want to sleep in all day. Now you can have fresh and hot aloo parathas every morning with a nice cup of coffee to start your day, without being constantly worried about running late. In easier terms, it improves your work/life balance to a great extent.

As work from home jobs are becoming more and more popular, people are opting for it in huge numbers. So I guess this pandemic has a few good causes. Adjusting to the new normal can be tough at first, but it eventually becomes alright with the way we’re thinking of new developments along the course of time. And these developments need not just be capitalistic in nature, they can also be vocational. Training for skills online, courses, learning new languages, and other skills like yoga, playing an instrument, or even painting counts as an achievement. One not only learns things to please their bosses and/or clients but also oneself by getting involved in things that make them happy. A very fitting example here would be that of a very famous singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh, who broadcasted his cooking skills on his Instagram page, which motivated people of all age groups to try his easy recipes at home. How convenient to work as well as cook new delicacies in the comfort of your own home! It is absolutely brilliant.

If I was asked to choose between a work from home job and an in-office one, you already know what my answer is going to be! The former, any day! I love the idea of sitting in front of my laptop, meeting my deadlines with a soothing cup of coffee in the loosest clothes that I can find in my household. By the time, I’d be well versed in my technical skills by operating new software every day with increased productivity in the quiet environment that is my home.

It definitely does not put you at ease when you think about adapting to being this way for a very long time now, but know that it is for one’s own benefits. In a broad spectrum, work from home jobs is definitely the smart way out. It tests you to be better in all fields, challenges you to shift out of your bubble and get rid of all the other distractions that promote to cease your will to learn and grow in life. The situation that we’re all facing right now is no less than unfortunate and demeaning, but the will to work keeps you on your toes and strives you to be a much more understanding, smarter individual. It makes you an opportunist. To know the kind of life you have for yourself out there filled to the brim with possibilities for you to explore, gives me a different kind of adrenaline rush.

To talk about its benefits economically, Work from Home jobs has helped in offering more job opportunities to those that desperately need them, increasing the rate of employment. Along with it comes new innovations and entrepreneurial spirit to get into the job sphere that promotes such jobs, thereby contributing to the growth and development of our economy. I have seen stances where women who had to leave their jobs for personal reasons have the potential to restart their careers all over again because of the increase in demand for work from home jobs. I believe this is really uplifting for our society, to promote the idea of having competent women on their teams. Now you can be a hero sitting behind a screen!

The idea of having a job has been completely redefined, by breaking down stereotypical working conditions which may ultimately lead to loss of physical and mental health. It has to be reiterated the need for Work from Home jobs in order to become a much more matured individual. The hard pill to swallow is that everything is changing right now, but the only thing that all of us can hold on to is our will to strive for better. Let us not alter the zeal that we have in us for all that is happening around us. Work from Home shouldn’t just be circumstantial, but an unorthodox one. This is a win-win situation for the lot, and we should exploit it for our betterment. To have that kind of exposure and authority to work for a firm, even if it is thousands of miles away, is absolutely liberating, at least for me. It opens you up to a completely unexplored world, beyond our boxed up vision. It is redundant to continue functioning in the same routine just because it seems convenient. Change is here and for the better. The level of growth surpasses what our mortal mind could even comprehend. We must grab this outstanding chance with all our might and remember that this lends us a helping hand in our lives in the long run. Learning this kind of agility and capabilities to adjust in this situation makes us all top-notch leaders. So it is extremely important to hold our head up high and lead, if no one, then our own selves into a better condition of a self-learning era.

It is also of utmost importance how we evaluate and criticize ourselves, and this kind of expertise can be learnt through staying in an environment filled with challenges for you to overcome. If you look at this from a different angle, I’m sure that you will see new dimensions for the sake of your own good.

We all have the superpower to change and enhance the way we live and do things. Such a tool should be used for something which not only paves the way for the procurement of self-attained goals, but also unlocks a window of triumphs spreading your way as fast as this virus.