The truth and reality of work form home

Work from home can also be referred to as teleworking or telecommuting. It means when a person stays at his or her home and works from there itself. Work from home is something which not all of us have experienced. Work from home was done by some employees on the weekends. But due to this pandemic situation now almost every other person is doing work from home except doctors, police, nurses etc. During the times when Co-vid cases just started in India, there was a complete lockdown for 1-2 months. Later, the lockdown has been removed from some states and cities of India. But still in some states like UP the lockdown is shifted to Saturdays and Sundays.

Work from home is almost a new experience for most of the people. It has provided more comfort as one can work smoothly from their houses due to the internet connection facility get all the comfort and needs like food, comfortable clothing sleep, no traffic, relaxing. Moreover, now one does not have to skip their bath or breakfast if they are getting late for the meeting or session. One of the biggest opportunities this lockdown has provided us all is to be able to spend the maximum time possible with our loved ones without any vacations or festivities or leaves. You can have flexible working hours. One can not only save their time but also their energy by telecommuting. One can do whatever they want to do at almost any time of the day.

But one could also feel very helpless sometimes. Likewise, when the electricity goes out, Wi-Fi connection becomes unstable or due to network issues. Its only due to the advanced technology state that India has reached today that we are able to avail all the services at home online. These times has made everyone much dependent on the technology. Imagine what would happen if we didn’t have all these technologies. How would we work then? One could have never thought that a day like this would come when we would all be locked in our homes. Moreover, few of us have become quite lazy in this lockdown. We have to wait for our boss or teachers to answer. We might miss some calls or texts. As we are free to change our schedule, we might also create a delay in doing our jobs or assignments.

However, one can even get distracted sometimes during teleworking as there is a change in their working environment and now, they are with their loved ones. There can be a possibility of issues arising due to the absence of direct communication. One also might have to face some security issues while working from home. Though the internet has made things easier for us to a large extend but still such miss communication issues can arise as we cannot see the body language and other such linguistics of the communicator. However, a person gets bored if he sticks to one thing for a long period of time. Same is with telecommuting. Landing just to position temperament may be troublesome numerous the occasions in home.

Keeping up an order depends and fluctuates from individual to individual. One might get bored from teleworking.

This lockdown and work from home has changed the schedule of almost every other person. Most of them have become more conscious towards their health. They have started doing yoga and eating healthy and other fitness related activities as they can now exclude some time for their health from their busy life schedule. On the other hand, some of them have become lazier. They don’t bath, eat unhealthy food and might sleep all the time of the day or watch television lying down all the day. Work from home can also cause heath related problems because one sticks to one place all the day. It can affect both a person’s mental as well as physical health as one is confined to one place throughout the day.

It depends on person to person that how well they can do telecommuting. It could be a success for one person at a time and disaster for another at the same time. But in some cases, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can do your every work efficiently if you are motivated and focused. Basically, different people go through different experiences during telecommuting. Moreover, this remote working has also provided us a lot of time to reminisce their old office or college or school days. It has also provided us with a lot of leisure time to do something creative along with telecommuting. These two can go hand in hand. This is something which most of us have never would have experienced if not this lockdown. Work from home is one thing which many of us wished we could do. And now, it’s the future of work. Everything is going on a digital mode.

Earlier we used to get happy from just the thought of work from home. But this has changed for many of us since we have been doing it for four to five months now. There are numerous focal points to working at home, and I trust it has more strengths than weaknesses. Telecommuting was rarely simple, yet subsequent to forcing lockdown, individuals know the value of innovation. Work from home ought to likewise proceed in pattern even after the lockdown time frame to help a few families monetarily that can't go to the workplace because of some crisis reasons.

Work from home has given another component of maintaining an association or any business at simplicity of the employees. According to an ongoing report, telecommute doesn't just profit representatives yet additionally expands the profitability, and furthermore it sets aside cash by numerous methods and furthermore diminishes the feeling of anxiety of dealing with all degree of care in the organization. Moreover, working from home also might help you in keeping yourself refreshed and away from tension, stress and anxiety. One can spare a frequent amount of time for himself and do whatever makes him happy.

Taking a break from one’s regular work schedule will help him in increasing his creativity which in turn would increase his productivity. One does not have to work when he is not in the mood to do so. This would automatically refresh one’s mind and he might be able to do his work more efficiently and quickly and merrily. One might get free from unessential meetings, gaps and irrelevant chats.

Other perk of working from home can be that you will possess more energy for yourself. On the off chance that you have ever needed to work from home, feel free to do it since you won't need to manage such a large number of individuals any longer. Neither do you need to experience things like workplace issues. You can spare a ton of time for yourself and remain more engaged and slanted towards the tasks that should be finished.

But there are ways by which one can excel in telecommuting. They can be as follows- one must be ready before hand with all his notes, pen, diaries and printers. They must check that they have a stable Wi-Fi connection and proper network few minutes before the online meeting or sessions start. One must inform in time if they are facing any technical glitches so that there is no miss communication. Moreover, while telecommuting one must distance himself during his or her meetings from other people. This way he will stay more focused and concentrated on his work. Nature can also work as a medicine if one is going through stress while telecommuting and thus instead of working all day sitting in his office one can perform his duties while having perks of nature and sit in a open environment. This way one can enjoy teleworking. Also, it is better

Work from home can also be like a vacation or holiday. It is like one is on a long vacation and is working in between from his or her place sometimes. People can be remote and near as well when teleworking. People who are living in remote areas are often prone to having connection problems and are unable to work properly. Moreover, the Wi-Fi facility has still not reached or developed in some of the rural parts of the country. So, people living in the rural places like villages, small towns are unable to work from home.

At last I would like to conclude by the phrase, ‘Every coin has two sides’ and so does work from home. It has both its pros and cons. But according to me its okay to work from home if someone can do it as productively as they used to do before. During this pandemic time, we are not left with any other option than work from home. So, it is a great opportunity for us to do what we always wanted to do. We can work and stay at our home with our loved ones at the same time. Thus, we must try to make the most of it during this pandemic. Work from home not only is keeping us safe but also removing the hindrances that we faced while working in office.