The other side of the coin

Had you ever thought that our lives would become so easy? Without any tension and stress we would be able to earn for our living? Yes? None of us had thought that are lives would become so easy that we won’t be required to juggle two things at a time. Also we won’t be required to step out of our houses and commute for a long day and stress less. This ease in our life became possible because of online jobs.

An online job is any job where you can work from home or a remote location, rather than reporting to a set location daily. Many people work online in a variety of fields such as customer service, writing, billing, computer programming and education. Whatever your situation or circumstances are, online jobs have made everything easy and convenient and online jobs gained more popularity because the era of technology is improving. Online jobs bring various opportunities for each and every individual. It is a great platform where an individual develops them. It is also a great platform for those people who are willing to pursue their passion which they were unable to do earlier due to financial issues or due to less knowledge or education.

Online jobs have changed the life for everyone. Those people who had to leave their jobs due to any reason can again begin their jobs. It has become a larger part of everyone’s life. It is a benefit for everyone in the following ways-

  • One won’t be required to commute for a long time and won’t be stressed. There won’t be any wastage of their productive time. They can use this time in performing all the tasks assigned to them and can also help their colleagues if they are in need.
  • Those students who do part-time jobs to help their family financially can spend their time with their family and can also devote their time towards their job and study. Most women after marriage find it hard balancing their work and family and also most men too find it hard balancing their work and family together at a time. So, working online provides flexibility to people to spend time with family.
  • Most women have to leave their jobs after their marriage. So online jobs provide them the opportunity to begin their work again. These opportunities to married women are provided by MEESHO and some Ed Tech companies and help them to restart their carrier.
  • Working online helps people to save costs, costs on commuting and buying lunch. Most of the people live far away from their offices due to which they have to leave early without packing their food and then have to purchase it in canteen for which they have to pay a sum of money but doing work online all these costs would be saved.
  • Working online is much more flexible. You just require internet, a laptop and time management. It is not necessary that you work from your home only, if you are out on a vacation you can work from that place too. You just require carrying your laptop with you and devoting little time for your work.
  • Working online increases the productivity of interns and employees as they have more time to think on the way they work and can enhance their skills. Studies shows that telecommuting employees are 20% to 25% more productive than their office counterparts.
  • The salaries of employees can also be increased or new employees could also be employed as cost of infrastructure, electricity bills and team building events would be reduced by a huge amount.
  • Employment increases because employers no longer limit themselves to local talent. They can find someone with the exact skills, experience and personality to fit best within their organization.
  • Special needs can be accommodated. People with health concerns can improve their life and health. By working online they can take good care of themselves. They could do proper medication for themselves.

Talking more about online jobs, along with benefits they also bring various challenges with them. Some of the challenges are as follows-

  • There is lack of in-person communication between the employees and employers which creates anxiety in the employees or interns.
  • Work load increases on employees which makes them frustrated. This happens due to lack of communication between the employees and employers which in turn leads to fall in productivity.
  • Working hours increase. People have to work more than their decided usual work hours. This leads to loss of interest in work and because of which their clients suffer.
  • Most of the employees don’t have ergonomical infrastructure which is required for efficient working. This leads to delay in the submission of the tasks assigned to them and it also leads to depreciation of their health.
  • There are times when people are not appreciated for the work done which lowers their morale and it leads to loss of trust in company and it also results in fall in goodwill of the company.
  • There is unemployment of menial staff because if people will work online then the offices won’t be re-opened again and if offices won’t be re-opened again and the employees won’t come back then the offices wouldn’t require the services of their menial staff.
  • As the trend of online jobs is increasing the hospitality sector has suffered a huge setback. It leads to unemployment and decrease in the earnings of menial workers.

Well these are not the problems which can’t be solved. There are number of solutions for these problems. We can solve these problems by the following ways-

  • Employers should organize a team meeting once or twice in a month either virtually or in-person to discuss about the work load the employees are having. Also they should perform activities in order to relief their employees so that their stress reduces and they become focused and energized.
  • Employers should divide the work load if any among those employees who are capable to perform that task. This would help the employers gain the trust of the employees and the employers would receive the assigned work as soon as possible by the employees.
  • The company should provide their employees with the required infrastructure so as to help them do their work efficiently and within the work space. According to Economic Times, Facebook has given $1000 to their employees for their home offices.
  • Companies should reduce the increased working hours of their employees which in turn will decrease their frustration and anxiety level and will also help them to maintain their health and sleep routine.
  • The employers should appreciate their employees by celebrating their employee’s success or rewarding them for the work done so that the employees feel that they are working in their office environment only. It increases the morale of the employees and also their trust for the company.

Pros and cons are two sides of a coin. They come hand-in-hand. As earlier we have discussed about the pros and cons of online jobs, nevertheless we can’t say that this is the end of the era of online jobs. There is an opportunity of futuristic growth of the era of online jobs. There is a lot of scope of online jobs in future, in ways like-

  • As the number of startups are increasing so is increasing the opportunity for various individuals that is college graduates to learn something new and adapt the innovations. This micro business exists to expand and turn into macro business which is an injection in the economy and which in turn also provides employment opportunities to everyone, of any age, in any field and this results in the expansion of market too. Mainly these startups provide employment opportunities to the college graduates which are a great asset to the companies and economy.
  • Students get an opportunity to learn and have an experience in their graduation stage by becoming a part of startups or micro business. This in future will help them to learn and understand the macro businesses and the whole market easily.
  • As the time is passing by, the technology is also becoming advanced day by day which helps to work people online in their comfort zone easily and conveniently.
  • Working online would create a comfort zone for the employees, employers and their clients.
  • Since work would be online, companies would face less expense on the infrastructure, so they could provide their rural area employees with their systems who are unable to purchase such resources like laptop, broadband, router etc.
  • Since opportunities will increase because of online jobs, it would attract companies from other country to invest in our economy which in turn would lead to more and more of employment generation.
  • People are so passionate and committed to their money-making idea that they will be ready to spend their free time working on it (even on weekends).