the life story of Noah Flynn

Good morning, I am Noah. Noah Flynn. My life is nothing like the bond. I am a YouTuber and I make comedy content. So this is my story, I’ll show you how my life is. So today is Sunday and is the 17th of June in the year 2015. My life is pretty amazing to be very honest and is nothing like what I had planned for myself. In the beginning that means in my school time I had planned to be a doctor yes!

I have a MBBS degree but that did not work out well for me. Looking at the fact that I was doing well financially but not emotionally. The emotional satisfaction is what I got after making videos and connecting with the world. My normal non shooting days consist of waking up , getting ready and freshen up followed by eating something and then sitting with my dear laptop to start replying to mails and  other messages that my people have sent me over all the social media platforms.

I have a team full of amazing and energetic people who have been supporting me since day one. My today’s task consists of travelling. That’s right so let's go. We are actually traveling to New York, for a brand promotion will be filming it no doubt so that all of you can watch it and be a part of that journey. My life does not actually allow me to spend a lot of time at home with my family. So I have a really small family, like extremely small. So it’s me and my mom dad at home. That’s it. My job requires me to be a t the studio half of the time and the other half I am at the airport travelling. Being a content creator does have a lot of perks but also have some downfalls too. The perks should always be counted first. I don't have a reason but I like it that way. The perks are,

I am my own boss, I get connected with the world and make an impact on so many lives. I also have a perk of getting goodies although that comes after you have become an influencer in a real sense you know that you will be tied up with a lot of brands and will be doing promotions for them. This means that they give you their product and you get to use it for free because then you will be promoting their products and brand. The monthly reviews that the companies do for their products and services is something that i can do with every video that i make. Every video will show me the likes, dislikes and comments which in turn show me if my content is good or not. This helps me make changes to the content I write and shoot.

Now, the downfalls are, I do not get to spend time with myself that much and my family too. My parents have been very much concerned about my health as in how much sleep do i get and the amount i travel takes a toll on me too. Even though I like travelling, the jet lag does hit and you can’t really know where you are. The thing with youtube is I feel you do not need to get insecure with more people and more creators coming in with their content because even the audience is growing. A lot of people ask me how do you feel being an influencer, and the only thing I ever say is that i am capable of calling myself an influencer is if someone comes to my channel or my page and goes back being happier or inspired. 

Now there is nothing much more to my life. It's pretty much like any other profession you work hard with a good heart, you can achieve everything and always remember to spend time with your parents and most importantly yourself. To be a youtuber you just need one idea, one idea is something that can change the entire world. So just do it, success or not is not something you can foresee but work with all your heart!

Guys that's all from my side, subscribe to my channel , love love.