The file needs to be submitted immediately, we are already out of time

“The file needs to be submitted immediately, we are already out of time” Preeti said with a sigh. The Deadline is very near and there are many files to be submitted. Preeti works as a manager in a reputed Bank. She has many responsibilities to be taken care of in that position. Shalini , a good friend of Preeti is the assistant manager In the same bank. There are about 20 employees in that branch. It is just one week away for the financial year to end. This created more pressure on the employees relating to the hectic work that is left over to be completed.


Preeti is an unmarried young woman who is the only daughter to their parents. So her responsibilities are not only limited to the bank, they also include her responsibilities in her home. Her place of work is just 5 kilometres from her home. So, she don’t have much struggle for the travel. She is a very dedicated woman. She has been working in the bank from 2 years and has given her best so far.


During the end of the financial year, there are many files to be closed. The transactions that are to be placed in the bank are many. Shalini assists Preeti in every aspect giving her complete hard work. There are many files pending for Preeti to approve. All this is to be taken care by Shalini. Preeti also need to report to the higher authorities regarding closing of the financial year.

There are a few complaints in the bank that are to be corrected. These complaints have been arising by few customers and also the employees. Some of these complaints have already been resolved yet there are few left to be care taken care of before the deadline. Preeti is good at handling the customers. She takes care of every minute detail regarding the satisfaction of the customers. Thus, she takes the complaints received from the customers very seriously. She is worried about the complaints that remained unsolved. So she started focusing on the requirements and the needs to be provided in the bank For the satisfaction of customers and the employees.


She has however reached the targets already. the requirements of the bank by the end of the financial year are already done under the guidance of Preeti. The sale targets in the bank are reached with the promotions done. Preeti also held some campaigns in order to promote the bank. She has many marketing strategies that gained interests of the customers. She has advertised well about the schemes available in the bank. She also ensured the customers of the bank the security of their money. She also guided many customers in getting a loan from the bank. She also introduced a way to get the loan making it simple for the customers to avail it.


The customer service in her bank is the main achievement of Preeti. She has given utmost importance to the customers of the bank by immediately reacting and resolving the needs and complaints of the customers. She has always fulfilled the basic requirements expected by a customer. So she developed a positive image in the minds of the customers. She is noted as a helpful woman not just as a manager but also a human being.


She reported to the head office every detail that is happening in the bank. She never failed to report on time. She also reports the customer needs in case any help is required from the head office. The bank works Only for 5 days a week.


It’s Monday, and the last day of the financial year falls on the coming Sunday. So there are only 5 days left to complete the work. Now Preeti is struggling with a pile of files on her table. While she has been checking one after the other, Shalini entered her cabin. She held few papers in her hand and said “Ma'am, these are the complaints from the customers to be resolved.” Preeti look at her and noticed  there were about 12-15 complaints. Shalini handed over them to Preeti and Preeti checked all the complaints.


She started going through one by one and she noticed most of them relate to the Customer service. But a few of to them automated machines help to withdraw cash and update the passbooks. Preeti makes note of the requirements to resolve these complaints. She calls upon Shalini and gives the details has to serve the needs of the customers in developing easier service to the customers.

She checked upon the machine used by customers to withdraw cash. The main problem customers are facing here is that there are many details to be given by customer in order to withdraw cash. She took two days to rectify it. She made it easier to customers to withdraw the cash required. She ensured the machine asked fewer details to withdraw cash without letting down the security aspect.

In these two days she also tried to focus on the customer service complaints. She checked on their

online portal that provides online services to customers. Shalini assisted her in forming a team just to resolve these complaints. The team had to work much to solve the complaints. Meanwhile, Preeti

checked out other requirements too.


It is the last working day of the financial year and Preeti ensured all the work is done. All the complaints are resolved. The customer service is made better. All the details are reported to the Head Office. The accounts are closed. The financial statements of the bank are prepared. Preeti and other employees left for their respective homes.


Preeti went to her home. It’s a weekend so gets time with her family. She dedicates the whole time to her parents. She relaxed after such a hectic schedule. She checked out the other requirements at her home.


Preeti went to office on Monday. It is the first working day of the new financial year. It’s a good start as the work of the previous year has been completed and there are no pending works. The accounts are opened again for the new financial year. She has now new responsibilities to take care of. And her work continues.


She is an independent woman who takes care of her work and her family simultaneously. She can handle any kind of situation or a problem simply. She is positive and assists her employees in their work. She is a good team leader. She concerns her customers. Overall, she is a good manager.