The Changed Girl

This is a story of a New Delhi girl who was totally a daddy's girl and her name is Riya. And she doesn't like working and doing any kind of hard work. She always had big dreams and all of them were used to be full-filled by her dad. She was living her happy life with all the luxury. And she is a college student. And all of a sudden one early morning when she woke up she was still on her bed and one of her friends ping her and informed her about her dad. She got the news of her father's death and everything was blank. And she just started crying and she was all broken. Then she went downstairs and her mother was lying down and fainted. Riya went to her mom she called ma…, ma…, mom woke up what happened to you why you are not waking. Just wake up mom we will go to dad and we will check and talk to him. Then after a few moments, they got her father's body that was brought up by his colleagues.

Then all of a sudden everything was broken and she was feeling so low. Her friends arrived, they started talking to her and were taking care of her. And her mother was blank for many days. Then they were no one to work and then slowly they were indulged in financial issues and everything became so hard. This present-day she was scrolling her social media account and she found out that there are some online jobs which provide a good income. So, she decided to apply and she knows that she is good at designing so she applied for the graphic designer job and then was eagerly waiting for her response but she was rejected.

She felt very bad and then she was really disheartened and was about to break again and was feeling low and she started searching for other jobs but she realised that she isn't that good at any of the skills and doesn't have any other skills. So she again started thinking why this is happening to her. Little did she know that it's all for making her hardworking and successful. Then she didn't sleep that day and was going on searching for her interesting and relevant skills to work and finally she listed all her courses which she was interested in and took those different courses to learn, build and to train herself. she thought that she could take up his father's business but she didn't know anything. So she started crying and she was regretting the fact that she never helped his father and never even thought of helping him.

It all started with a Sunday morning in New Delhi.Riya was all good until she saw one of her friend's posts on her social media account. And the post was about her achieving her goals and her friend also uploaded some of the certificates of her virtual internships which she completed while studying. So after seeing the post she started thinking that she also wanted a job. And suddenly she remembered which job and which domain she should apply for. So, she sat calmly and started writing her skills and then one by one she wrote her skills and first is designing, content creator, writer, and then she started searching for jobs and then she suddenly remembered that she doesn't apply for any recent projects and didn't even complete a lot of projects.

So, Riya started to search for online courses and then she came across a graphic design course which provides her with good content as well as projects. So she decided to start that course. She was brought up in New Delhi and her parents were with her in each and every situation. She is the only daughter of her parents. And her mother is a teacher and her father is a businessman. They taught her to be helpful, determined, hardworking. Soon she selected a course and moved to her mother and started explaining that she wanted to do something in life and wanted to explore and she said she wanted to do everything on her own. Her mother was really happy that she wanted to do something by herself. From that day she started working on herself, her skills and her beliefs.

She knows that if her father would be alive he would feel proud of her daughter. As though now she didn't achieve much but she started thinking and that's really great. If we start thinking and start working towards goals then no one can stop you to achieve your dreams and passion. She was a changed person now determined and hardworking and most importantly she became more confident about herself and her life. And now her mother was her full support who was there for her at every aspect. She started taking up many online courses and applied for online jobs. Then one fine day her job application got selected and she was on cloud 9 as her dream was coming true. Now she went to her mom by screaming in joy mom I got selected. Then her mom became too happy.

And it was their best day. From that day she never saw back and she continuously worked hard and then slowly she also started working in her father's business. If we start working on our skills and make ourselves dedicated to our skills and interests then we can achieve anything in life. And don't wait for any miracle to happen; you just wake up and start working on one that will work for your success. You need to work for yourself. Everything depends on your hard work and your aims in life. There's nothing you can't achieve. Everything in life is achievable and you need to have big dreams and high goals so that one day you can achieve each and every goal. Every morning wake up with a new goal and believe that you get a new chance every day to change your life and change yourself. Focus on good things and good people. And try to be with positive and hardworking people and be with the people who have high goals in life and want to achieve well in life. This story helps you to dream big and to work hard on your dreams and stay motivated and never lose hope and if you wish and have a will to succeed then no one can stop you. Nothing changes until you want to change and have a different life.

It doesn't matter if you know something or you don't know anything, it matters what you learn and what you are willing to learn. Everything will be fine until you have someone to provide you with the best. The day they won't be available will be your worst day and then you will realise about the good things which were offered to you without even asking and that time you weren't thankful to God. But now when you won't have anything then you will know the value of precious things in life. It's all up to you that how you work in this life and how much hard work you will do and what things you are willing to do it's all your choice. As in this story too the girl suffered when she faced some problems in life she tried to change herself until then she was happy and was not bothered about her future. She did a nice job handling everything on her own. And her mother was really proud of her daughter as she was handling everything on her own and she also started working and setting up his business like before. And she also made that business so successful like her father and now today she handles everything and till now she can't believe that she is actually doing it.

She is working as her father, she is a successful girl now all by herself. She is a self-made successful girl in life. Then the tragedy happened and she changed herself a lot. It was great that she changed herself according to the situation and improved herself. Nothing takes a lot of time if you need something just work on it then you can achieve it and no one can really stop you. Everything happens eventually no one can control anything in life. Whatever needs to happen, no one can change it. Whatever happens, it happens for something good and it can benefit you. There's nothing to avoid rather keep a check on how you need to achieve and always you need to keep an idol to follow so that you can stay motivated. And remember you need to make your parents proud you need to work for yourself and for them. Start building yourself today if you think and have a dream then you can achieve. In every road you choose you to get obstacles in your way. You need to pass those obstacles and move forward towards your goals to achieve. It's up to you to be successful or not to be successful.