The better side of Vinnie

It was a wonderful day. The climate was warm and refreshing. Vinnie woke up from her bed. She woke up 3 hours before the meeting which she had to lead the presentation. Everything seemed to be perfect. She rehearsed it as many times as possible when she made a mistake. She had been practicing for this since past 2 months. The motive she had for this hard work was that if she presented good, it is satisfactory than she would get promoted to higher post whose salary was double of what she had now.

She has to have to grab this opportunity in any way possible. On the time of leaving she got a phone call. It was her mom.  At this time she had no time to pick up the call because she wanted to reach the office as soon as possible. She cut the call. While driving she got a call. It was her mom again. She picked up the call. As soon as she picked up her mom started crying. Vinnie was shocked. When she asked for the reason Vinnie was petrified. The reason was her dad was in death bed. He was in the ICU due to a major heart attack. Her mother requested her to reach the hospital as soon as possible. Vinnie realized that the hospital was in another town which was of several hours’ way.

It would take 2 hours to reach there.  At the same time she had to attend the meeting. She had a cross road like situation. Vinnie came to the town, leaving her family for better job opportunity. She never met her family in past 9 months. She was so busy in her work life that made her forget the family she had. Vinnie than immediately turned her car and left the thought of going to office. She called her boss to explain the situation of why she can’t lead the meeting. Boss who was interested in profit making with the other company just ignored the issue of Vinnie.

He would lose his reputation in front of others if Vinnie did not lead the presentation and she would soon lose this promotion also. Vinnie was firm with her decision. She said ‘nothing is more precious than my parents’. ‘The father who supported me in each and every situation, motivated me, guided me is never meant to left in this situation’ and hung up the phone. Vinnie did the right thing. In today’s world when people are after money they fail to remain connected with the family.

Their work life has made them so busy that they even don’t have to time to talk with their loved ones and if they are living abroad than forget of any get together. Vinnie reached the hospital and went inside and saw her dad. She was relieved to see her dad was alive. She burst out in tears on her father shoulder. She hugged her and felt adorable. When she came out the room something happened. Her dad was out of danger. 

Doctors, nurses were shocked because her dad was never thought to be alive. They say it was a miracle. But the actual reason was father and daughter bond. She never imagined this. After some moments she got a call. This time it was her boss. She picked up and heard her boss apolozing the mistake he did. 

He asked Vinnie to take up the job again and he will manage to arrange meeting coming week. Vinnie never felt this lucky ever before. It was the day when she manages her personal and professional life. The day her dad got discharged she started preparing again for her meeting. But the way was different. It was arranged online. In this past few months when she did not have time for her family, got a good span to enjoy with life. She got promoted for her amazing presentation. 

The work was done in a systematic and in an efficient way. Imagine what would have happened if she lived abroad.  Would she meet her dad in his last days? Would her dad still be alive? She would get another job but would lose her dad.  This new system changed the way people used to work. Now they can sit at home itself and simultaneously focus on work. It was just in extreme situation she did have to visit. This led to increase in her consistency and efficiency. Vinnie at last was satisfied with what she had and what she did.