Termination Built An Entrepreneur

There was a village on the banks of river Ganga. There lived a guy named Dev. He was the son of a farmer. Since his childhood, he used to manage agricultural work along with his studies. He was a scholar. He always acquired 1st rank in his school. Though he was born in a poor family, he was very confident and never let poverty come in the way of his talent. When he grew up, he scored very good marks in his 12th grade and acquired admission in one of the best engineering colleges. During the course of engineering, he always shined. He was top in studies, extracurricular activities. He always led activities and programs from the front. There was a time when he had no money to pay the college fees, at that time, everybody in college, teachers, as well as students, helped him to pay the fees. On that day, he felt so blessed to have such amazing people with him. In the final year, he was going through many job interviews, few companies didn't like him, few he rejected by himself. Then one fine day, a car manufacturing giant company grabs him giving a thick package. He was happy as well as excited for this experience.

The atmosphere of the company was very much new for him. He was appointed in the design and automation department. He was so happy to work with this automobile giant. Design and programming always had a special place in his heart. He was working hard, doing all the tasks given with full enthusiasm. Whenever he had doubts, he used to go to his colleagues without any hesitation. He was improving his knowledge day by day. He was a great team member. He always helped his teammates and made impossible tasks possible. His team was also awarded as the best team of the year by the board. Within a year, he got a promotion for his performance and now he was working as a team lead on the project.

One day, his department received an order of a new design. Competitors of the company were manufacturing an electrically automated car and they were about to launch it in a month. Now the task for Dev and his team was to design the required model in 15 days, so that manufacturing team can pull up their sox and manufacture and launch the car before the rival company does. It was a mammoth task for such a short duration of time and the thing was HOD of the design department was on leave for 2 months. Now the responsibility was totally onto Dev. Each of his teammates knew that this task is impossible, so they were very sad and frustrated, but Dev didn't give up. He backed himself, boosted his team and now everyone was ready to give their best shot. Dev and his team worked night and day continuously for 8 days. On 9th day, they finalised the design with advanced features than the rival model. On 12th day, his design got approval from the manufacturing department. On day 14, m/f department was at their job. Manufacturing department worked hard, night and day, even design department helped them to make it quick. Everyone from both the departments was giving their best shot. All these efforts turn out to be fruitful and their model was on the floor on 28th day, two days before rival's launch.

The model launched became very much successful. They captured the market with huge sales. Everybody was praising the design and manufacturing team leads. Dev and his friend Joy(manufacturing team lead) were very happy watching their efforts turning into a success. Even the board of directors called them and praised them for their work.

Everyone in the company was very happy except the two HOD's, one of the design department and other of the manufacturing department. As they came back from a business tour, this was a surprise with a shock for them. Two newly joined juniors of their department made such impossible project possible. Now they could see their position in danger. Instead of praising Dev and Joy for their work, they kept on demoralising them. They keep on bashing them for no reasons. All they could see was the new car project they made successfully. Bringing them down became the motto for both HOD's. Both of them had a good hold on the board of directors. They used to listen to the suggestions given by them. Then one day, both the HOD's unitedly prepared fake account papers stating about the fraud of 50 crores in the manufacturing and design department for the electrically automated vehicle project. They even compromised a few employees promising them for promotion. They presented these papers in front of the board of directors. Board could see evidence along with witnesses. Even the BOD knew somewhere that Dev and Joy can't do this, but they had solid evidence in front of them. Both Dev and Joy tried to convince them that they are innocent but failed. So both of them were proven guilty and were terminated from the company. They fought the case in the court and these took several years. When they got a clean chit, both of them tried to get a job. But no company was ready to give them a job as per their past records. They felt so helpless. They were suffering for the crime they didn't even commit. They kept on trying for a job for a year but failed.

One day, they decided to start their own venture. They bought a place on lease and began their journey. Dev used to design the product and Joy used to manufacture them. At first, they were not getting much response from the customers. But with bits and pieces and a lot of hard work, they settled themselves in the market. They focused on laser cutting business. Many automobile companies tied up with them for cutting of raw materials. After a few years of hard work, they became a renowned name in the laser cutting industry. Later they expanded their business to two-wheeler manufacturing and then four-wheeler manufacturing. Now there was nothing stopping them. They kept going working hard. After a few years and a lot of hard work, they captured the automobile market on a larger scale. People could only see vehicles of their company on the road. There came a time when the automobile giant which threw them out was at a heavy loss. It was about to shut down. But at this time, both Dev and Joy showed that they have a big heart and bought the company. The company which threw them out with false allegations got a new life only because of them. Success couldn't be any better than this for Joy and Dev.