This is the story of a sophomore and sedulous women. Her name was Jane McCormick and she had lately turned up 24 this year. Working on her desk, she was a bit confused and nervous as the project given to her was quite tough. She was working for this company for more than three months and had put up a great effort in every dealings she had been assigned with. With her diligence and hardworking mind set up, she had managed to acquire the trusts and certitude from her boss and fellow employees. It was corporate organizations that serve and deals with various client relationships, business operation, etc. Though the company was highly marginalized in the community still they were having a collapse in their financial status due to the COVID-19 situation and for that very reason, they were obliged to cut off some stuff members as commanded by the boards of directors. Of course, the board of directors oversees and manages the corporation's operations in the best interest of the owners.

It was a day before Halloween. She was working with zeal, though she wasn’t confident enough about the excel sheet, still, the fire in her eyes could be properly seen, that enthusiasm and stubbornness satisfyingly framed her entire attitude and diligence towards her work. A lot of thoughts were running in her head. She was happy but at the same time gloomy too, she was disheartened thinking that she wouldn’t be able to visit her parents this time for the Halloween week. She knew being a tyro she wouldn’t be allowed for leaves and was also scared getting the view in her mind that it might be not the best time to ask for leave as she was a newcomer to that place and that may ruin her personality and standards she had made in the company. She effaced her bizarre thoughts, smiled saying in low voice, “Today I’m gonna send surprise gifts to my parents” and she got back to her work.

And the time came of which she wasn’t aware of. Her boss, Ms. Carie, showed up and asked her “ Jane! Hi. Could I see you in my office for a moment?”. Jane replied politely, “Absolutely, Can I finish this stuff really quick?”. She had finally able to do the work she had been chasing for weeks, though there was something left to edit. She owned a small handy décor mirror fitted on her desk. She got up, looked at herself in the mirror with confidence, dressed up a bit, and her heart filled with bliss as she was all set to face her boss and report her about the excel sheet. She knocked on the door asking, “May I come in?”. Entering her boss’s room, she could feel the menace and doomy shade that was hovering all over the room and left a mark of it on her boss’s face that could be well understood. Still, with faith and joy, she was about to report her work saying “ So, I’m almost finished with the excel spreadsheet”, but at the moment, her boss interrupted saying “ Jane, it’s not about that. This isn’t easy, but we’ve decided to let you go. Corporates are making drastic cuts across the board, and unfortunately, you’re one of our new hires.”

Jane was stunned about the decision made for her and in a very poor voice she said “ oh, um, Carie, I really need this.” Ms. Carie apologized saying “ You’ve been doing amazing work and I’m happy to write you a fantastic letter of recommendation. But I am gonna need you to clean out your desk by the end of the day. I’m sorry, Jane, It’s nothing personal.” Indistinctly she heard everything and went straight away to her car and slammed the car door really tough. She was totally dejected and depressed finding the reason for getting fired. She broke into tears and made a call to her mother. Her mother picked up the call asking “Sweetie, is everything okay?”. In a very painful voice, she informed her mother “ I just got fired.” Her mother expressed her grief and sympathized with her saying “Oh jane, that’s awful honey, I’m so sorry. Listen, sweetie, it’s gonna be alright. This exactly why we have unemployment. It will help cover bills for a while until something comes around.” But jane was not ready to listen to all of this blether and rubbish talking and asked her mother “ Mom, please stop. You’re not helping me right now, okay.” She disconnected the call in rage and shed into tears. This was not the thing she had expected. She thought that this platform would be the right one to start her journey but due to collapse in the company’s financial stability, budget cuts, and because she was a new hire, she had to face all of these.

One week passed, she still wasn’t able to cope up with the dismissed proposal that had happened to her. She became more sluggish and lazy than before. She loved to watch television only and was living on a lot of junk foods and drinks. She was not even replying to her mother and friends. Jane had become so slack and negligent for her works that her household chores were left undone and everything was just scattered all over the furniture.

Again one month later, she tried to apply for a new job position. She started making calls to different companies and asked them if they had any job positions open or available. But due to the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 prevailing all over the world and also due to budget cuts, the companies were not hiring new staff. Getting a cut-throat rejection from companies, pushed Jane into the depression pool. Jane was livid with rage and in anger, she threw everything whatever was on her table. She was totally saddened when she gave scrutiny to her old cannon camera. She picked it up and might have thought something offbeat and so kept the camera back. She stopped trying for more and got back to her lazy lifestyle.

Another one month passed, and unexpectedly a knock happened at her door. Jane was too lazy to open it up but still, she managed and opened it and to her surprise, her friend, Angie showed up. Angie hurriedly expressed her concern towards her and asked “ Jane, where have you been? We’ he all been worried sick about you”. Angie noticed all junk foods, empty drink cups, and scattered home stuffs all around the room. A disgusting smell was tantalizing too.

Angie ordered Jane in a very tough voice “Take a shower and get dressed and we’re gonna get you a job”. Jane hesitated but Angie’s insist made her get up. They both went to a coffee shop. Angie was preparing her LinkedIn profile. Jane notice her profile picture and suggested to update a better one as this picture was outdated and indistinct. Angie in replied to her said, “ Photographers are so expensive nowadays anyway, there’s no way I can afford that.” Jane offered her saying “Umm, Why don’t I take your picture?”. Angie agreed and the whole photoshoot session went really well. Looking at the pictures she smiled and said to herself “I forgot how much I love photography”.

Days passed on and she again started to live and work on her passion and her business flew off to massive heights. Six months later, she got a huge offer for setting up a photo session for a top model. The photo session went marvellous and it established her business more profoundly. A year passed, Jane got an incredible offer from one of the esteemed Photograph Companies. The CEO, Ms. Monroe, analyzed her work closely and said “I’m not going to lie, but your works are incredible. I wanna do a cover option and I’d like to do a four-page spread. Is that doable?” Jane was overjoyed and surprised as she didn’t think that this meeting was going to turn up this well. Jane thanked Ms. Monroe and stepped out of the place where to her surprise she met her ex-boss, Ms. Carie. That was a pleasant encounter as Carie asked her what she was doing here. In reply to her, Jane said “ I just got off a meeting on the fourth floor, we were finalizing pictures for my June cover”. Carie got amazed and congratulated her. Jane went off to lift and with pride in her heart, she thanked Ms. Carie.

When things go wrong we think everything is over. When truly it is just a new beginning. Can you ever imagine if she never got fired? If she never got fired she wouldn’t be living her passion for photography. A rejection, a failure, a door closed is not the end. Sometimes it can be the best thing that ever happened to us. Opinions are just opportunities for growth. So be grateful and do it anyway.