real world problems with solutions

There are various kind of people working in different types of jobs. Some are happy with it and some are frustrated. So here are some case studies of real world problems with solutions with which people usually have to deal.

Meena is a 39 years old lady in Ahmedabad. She is a doctor by profession and finds it difficult to manage her daily schedule and take out time for research work due to the outspread of Coronavirus. She has to work six hours more apart from her five hours of work per day , without getting paid extra. Spending most of the time in the hospital has made her extremely frustrated and exhausted.

She finds it really difficult to give time to her other aspects of life apart from her hospital job and research. Due to the outspread of Coronavirus around the globe, millions of people have been effected. Thus, it's an emergency situation as it's not only decreasing the population but also affecting other sectors like the share market , imports and exports.

In such a pandemic situation, working for the nation is a huge responsibility. But it's also important to balance the other aspects of life with professional life. This can be done by prioritising the urgent and the most important tasks. And give it time but not so much that it will affect our other targets. After prioritising it's important to keep a time limit for every task by allowing a time slot to each. In case of Meena's situation, it's important to give time to her eight hours of sleep.

As without it she won't be able to concentrate properly. So after allowing eight hours to sleep apart from the eleven hour ( five hours of work with six hours of extra work due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus ) exhausting work she has five hours left. From the remaining leftover hours she can spend two hours in her research and the three hour in other miscellaneous day to day activities. Thus, it's possible to fix any problem by using a logical approach to it. As preferring a logical approach makes it easier to solve the problem. Mr Rajendra from Pune is a twenty-one year old Web developer. He finds it difficult to manage his daily task with his work life. He has so many tasks to be done with his work life. He has so many tasks for the day that he even forgets to accomplish some.

He even wants to learn some new skills by doing some online courses but is not able to take out time for that. Every problem has a solution and thus Rajendra's problem can also be solved. This can be done by proper planning and implementation. Planning can be made more effective if done step by step. The first step of planning is to decide your goal because it's important to know where we want to go and by how much. As this will make our destination more clear.

The next step is to break down each long term goal into some short term goals as a journey of a thousand miles can only start with the first step. The next step is to make some very short term goals which will help in achieving each long term goal. Finally accomplish each short term goal daily or on a weekly basis depending on the time required. After planning about the short term and the long term goals it's important to plan about the daily schedule, as without it it's not possible to easily achieve those goals due to the presence of other tasks and targets. The daily schedule can be divided into three steps.

The first is to write down all the tasks which are to be performed during the day. Then divide all the tasks which are to be performed during the day. Then, divide all the tasks into four categories which are important, urgent and not important and not urgent. This categorisation will help us to easily be clear about which should be done first. The next step is to allot the time slots to each tasks within which it should be done. But make sure that you allot the best time of the day to your most important goals as at that time our interest and productivity is high.

This is because we all have a particular time in our day when we are totally focused and fresh, and at that time our productivity is really high. This time usually depends upon the person as there are some who are comfortable to work during late night and there are some who prefer early morning. Whatever the time is , what really matters is our efficiency. 44 years old Rahul from kolkata who is a teacher by profession is not comfortable with the Internet. For the past 23 years he has been using the offline mode of teaching. But now everything is turning online with the advent of time. Thus, he has been instructed by the principal to teach students on the Internet about which he hardly knows anything. Thus making him feel uncomfortable.

With the advent of time, everything is changing. Thus, the way we perform our job is also changing due to which there is a shift towards the online world from the offline world. The change in the technological sector has further increased the importance of the Internet and it's uses and also its impact in today's world. In order to be comfortable with the Internet, people like Rahul can first join a computer class and learn some basics. After this he can even enroll in some online courses or practice using the Internet with someone who has knowledge about the computer and also about the Internet. And finally, whenever he has any doubt , he can search about that in search engines like Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla. Hence, it is really very easy to learn anything difficult by just starting from the basics and then moving forward to the complex topics. All this may sound a bit sophisticated for people like

Rahul but gradually with time and with practice the difficulty will turn into comfort. What really matters is our effort and hard work on smart work. Radhika from Delhi who is just 19 years old is doing a part time job of data entry with her studies. The salary is so negligible that she is unable to meet her expenses. So, she is looking for some internship to be done during her summer break. As she does not have proper knowledge about this area, thus she wants some guidance. The Internet is full of opportunities and thus it's easy to get a part time job for needy students like Radhika.

This can be done by registering in some online job sites like freelancer and by sending applications to the companies regarding the job which we know how to do. But there are some things which should be kept in mind while doing or finding an online job. There are some fake employers who may persuade you to give them money by giving some reason like a fee for the certificate. Thus, it's really important to be careful with these kinds of people. There are even some kind of employers who may not pay you so be careful before submitting your project. There is no need to worry as those are some rare cases it's just that it's important to to be alert. Competition is everywhere and thus there is a lot of competition present in the online world also.

There are hundreds of people who apply for the same application like ours. So it's important to have a strong resume and a formal application. There are many people who have done a lot of certificate courses and have a degree from a famous place but what really matters is how unique your work is and how productive you are.

Experience in that field is also one of the important factors which should be taken into consideration. Confidence and communication skills also matter a lot as it helps in creating a solid and smart impression. So effort is required in every field due to the competition but what really matters is how much we try as well said "Where there is a will There's a way ". So it's important to keep trying as hard work is much better than no work. There are some employees who easily get successful as compared to employees who give more time to their work. This is because there are some ways which should be followed for performing your job successfully. These successful people get up early and exercise. This is because exercising in the morning supplies more oxygen to our brain, thus our brains perform more effectively and efficiently. Hence, increasing productivity.

These kinds of people are mostly positive due to which they feel happy and positive. Thus increasing their self esteem which further leads to increase in the confidence level of the person. Apart from the ways of being successful at the job , there is one more logical way. And that is to balance life by following the daily, weekly or even your monthly schedule and also your long term and short term goals. As everyone is not the same, thus everyone's problems and needs regarding the job will also not be the same.

There are some people who hate the work from home concept and there are some who are not able to balance their time in order to patiently complete the work. There are even some kinds of people who are not aware about the opportunities in the job market and there are some who make excuses on the basis of competition. The solution to all the problems mentioned above is related and simple and that is to balance life with a proper schedule and to go on trying even if the competition is heavy because failures and mistakes are the stepping stone to success. And at last but not the least, stay positive, logical and happy.