Pros and Cons of Work from Home Jobs

Currently, the entire world is fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic and as a result, millions of people from different sectors are carrying work from home jobs on, rather than the back office, which seems quite problematic both for the boss and the employees. Before starting the cons. Let’s have a glance at the basic definition.

Work from home is basically telecommunication, most certainly, employees doesn’t need to travel or going to a particular working place office, warehouse or any kind of store. Equipment needed are minimal; just a good wi-fi connection along with a computer or laptop.

Working from home has changed not only regular lifestyle, but also the working process of office and industrial jobs across the world. What was using to save the employees and labours to save from the pandemic has now became a popular trend, which is a huge inspiration for the multi-national companies to save their money, previously used in the building maintenance, stuff management, security etc. Now these companies can invest that money in their broad band dream projects. On the other hand, working from home has also expanded the working style also. But this new trend is passing through the several pros. and cons that are of the hereby concerned issue are being discussed. At first, showing the advantages is necessary.

Firstly, in India, transport system is too disgusting to tolerate. Besides, the cost of the transport vehicle is quite high along with the long term journeys sucks the employee’s energy. Work from home has cut off that commotion and helped to save both money and energy.

Secondly, employees feeling more satisfied and charming in work from home jobs rather than the back office and it has reduced the monotonous balance between personal and working life.

Thirdly, twenty years ago, even the term ‘Work from Home’ was irrelevant, naturally as life was not so ruthless and faster at that period of time. But in the present time, excessive development of the multi-tasking co-operation of the internet system has become an indispensable part of our life. Now, even sitting at one’s own house one can easily solves the office jobs, just by the help of a good wi-fi connection along with a computer or laptop. We can connect with our co-workers/boss anytime, anywhere and the web-based ”face-to-face” interaction platforms like Google meet, Skype etc. made the remote communication a breeze.

Fourthly, from ‘9-5’ office culture, there are lots of things to do like checking and composing emails, client handling, group-work submission, staff meetings and sometimes even the late night work, to reduce the burden of heavy works, in advance. A great temptation is required to fulfil all these busy schedules. But working from home provides an opportunity to reduce the wastage of time which is by participating in lots of useless group-meetings but also helps to break down monotonous work pressure and let the worker to have his/her own space for time spending.

Fifthly, one can be more creative, more patient, in case of a work from home job and as there is no particular office premises, and one can hire anybody though with the proper and suitable qualification, throughout the world. Nowadays, freelancing jobs has been considered as a necessary one.

Sixthly, employees can be more loyal to their company as in a work from home environment they would be in a fresh mood with less work burden. Obviously, they would not give their job up.

Now coming to the problems of having Work from Home jobs:

  1. In a work from home job, managing the time schedule is as difficult as there is not any strict routine and as a result, daily lifestyle including the house works along with the working hours can be hampered.
  2. There is not any transparent division between the personal and public life.
  3. One can easily be distracted in a familiar working environment. So many problems like any kind of personal belongings, high volume from the television/music system, sudden necessity for marketing etc. can be appeared and thus it is hard to focus in a tight schedule.
  4. Several communication hindrances, especially due to the poor network system, can be a problem. Besides, misinterpreted email or text message is a common instance of this type of problem.
  5. Social distance is the problem; arise by work from home jobs. Human beings are social animal by nature. So, without the first hand communication including gossiping, jokes cracking, discussion about the office exceptional topics etc. telecommuters generally feels lonely and thus they procrastinates.
  6. Unclear performances, working problem with the different team members, scammers etc. are the common problems due to the work from home jobs.