Prof. ISHA RAI is the name every education provider looks for! The enthusiasm and zeal to teach is intact in her successful career of 20 years and counting. The confidence in her voice, the engagement in her speech, the assurance in her words marks her among the very few top-notch professors who are trusted blindly. Here is a detailed career story which will let you know her closely.


Isha was a keen learner and observer right form her childhood. She was a girl who has interest in almost everything. You name it and she was passionate about it. Be it academics which is her top priority even till now, be it her passion for Lawn tennis or Badminton, be it having a creative hand in writing and exploring literature or being really skilful with computers Isha was an all-round performer among her peers.


Being her teachers’ favourite Isha excelled from her elementary till her 12th CBSE Boards. Having a more calculative mind she took up commerce as her stream in 11th and 12th grade. Starting was challenging for her as well but she kept learning and trying to dwell well with her subjects. Studying with her all heart and soul she passed her boards with a ravishing 95percentile. She was awarded and honoured by her school for the milestone.

After her 12th she gave her entrance examinations in top universities and got her admission in reputed DYAL SINGH COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI. She persued her Bachelor’s degree in B.COM or Bachelors of Commerce. During 3 years of her undergraduation she got the idea that her interest was inclined more towards Business Studies & Accountancy than any other subject. After her undergraduation she decided to collaborate her passion for teaching and her interest for Accountancy and Business Studies and to build her career as a Professor.

After completing with her undergraduation she prepared for her Master’s degree. She completed her master’s degree in M.COM from the same college (DYAL SINGH COLLEGE).

She after persuing her master’s degree appeared for NET (National Entrance Test) and cracked in her first attempt



ISHA RAI had a thing for teaching right from her schooling days. She used to run coaching classes for her fellows and even received calls for personal tutoring due to her vast knowledge and commendable teaching style.

She kept rendering her services to different coaching centres in her town during her college days. She used to teach Business Studies as well as Accountancy to students till 12th grade. She grew her networks with many Lecturers and Professors under whom she worked for 3 years (until graduated).

She was also used to get calls for delivering speech of Motivations to students, Enlightening students about commerce, sharing tips and tricks of Accountancy and many other seminars and events held by schools and colleges.

She was also the President of Entrepreneur society of her college. In her tenure she delivered numerous speeches, coordinated business meetings, gave presentations on growing businesses in India and was awarded with certifications and recognitions. She was a well-known and reputed name in her college who afterwards turned to into a respectable Alumni of DYAL SINGH COLLEGE.


- After her undergraduation, she started working as a PGT Accountancy and Business Studies in a renowned ST.JOSEPH’S CONVENT SCHOOL, FARIDABAD. She rendered her services to students of 11th & 12th. She had complete mastery and hold over her subjects and can answer any tricky question to her students. She had great confidence and technique to manage students and motivate them to study. She was able to make students crystal clear about every concept covered in the syllabus. She maintained a friendly relation with her students and was loved and respected by them immensely. She was also awarded by the school for giving tremendous result of 12th boards examination during her teaching period.

PAY: ISHA initial salary was Rs 30,000 per month and by the time she left her job her salary was Rs 45,000 per month. Salary was actually never a matter of concern for her. The position and her work was her main bet.

She gave her 5 years to ST. JOSEPH’S CONVENT SCHOOL as PGT Accountancy & Business Studies.


- After completing her Master’s degree, ISHA passed her NET Examination which placed her as a Lecturer in the MANAV RACHNA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. She gave Lectures to the students persuing their undergraduation. Her main subjects were Accountancy and Business Studies and sub divisions of the main subjects.

EXPERIENCES: As she was passionate about teaching she enjoyed her every lecture. She was also open to new learning from her students. As a lecturer she had time and chances to explore by having a discussion hour, debating with students, Q&A sessions. Being a lecturer, her job was quite flexible, so she maintained a good work-life balance. She was also invited by different universities for speaking in events or as a part of a seminar.


CHALLENGES: She shares that as a newly joined Lecturer, she had to face many challenges, despite having competitive skills. She had to suffer the politics being played by the senior staff. She had to compete with the preferred teachers to make her way out. Working for long hours was alot problematic and difficult to manage. Working till evenings were the most tiring part of the day. Moreover the pay they get didn’t justify the hours and efforts they put in.

PAY:  She was initially paid Rs 38,000 which got incremented and got up to Rs. 50,000 till the time she left the college.

She gave her 6 years to MANAV RACHNA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY as a Lecturer.


- She then got an offer from renowned KAMLA NEHRU COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY of DELHI. She was really obliged to grab this offer as this was going to take her teaching career to different heights. She joined the university and served as a Senior Professor taking the subjects of Accountancy and Business Studies.

EXPERIENCE: The skill set of the administration was much more experienced and senior since it was a reputed GOVT. College which demanded discipline, vast knowledge and experience. She got opportunity to learn from many other senior professors servicing from 20-25 years. She enjoyed the dignity, respect and aura provided by a GOVT. College as it was unmatchable. The salary prospects were much higher in a GOVT. College than a private college.

CHALLENGES:  Provided by number of benefits GOVT. College also had some big challenges. Being a GOVT. College it had a lot of office politics with a much important role. There was alot of corruptions taking round for the placement of teachers and their increment. Administration work load was much higher and working hours were normally stretched till evening. She often had to deal with work pressure on the weekends too.

PAY: She was initially paid Rs 60,000 and now bagging a whole of Rs 1, 00,000 per month.

She has been serving KAMLA NEHRU COLLEGE for 6 years now.

Overall, persuing her dream job and helping people by following her passion gave her continuous motivation to work till now. She enjoys her everyday as she enjoyed her first day.

Not only this, she has again started to run Coaching classes for College Students at her own Coaching Centre which has engaged hundreds of students studying under her and her hired teachers. Her coaching centre has been recognised by THE HINDU as the best in the town to provide excellence services and building a bright future of INDIA.

She is often invited as a CHIEF GUEST in many Universities and Schools. She takes part in national level debates and quizzes. She conduct seminars and counselling sessions for 12th passed and graduates.

She offers her services on online platform like INTERNSHALA & UDEMY in face of Online studying to catch up with the fast growing trend of Digitalisation as well as for children living in remote areas.

She even has her own Website on Wordpress where she uploads blogs about her topics time to time. She shares her lifestyle with people and motivates them continuously. She shows enlightened path to youngsters by sharing her experiences through her blog.

Alongwith this, ISHA RAI is the owner of EDUCATE ME. This is a NGO run by her to educate the needy, who couldn’t afford high fees but are eager to learn and have the talent. For ISHA education is the biggest sword and right to every child irrespective of his/her financial state . She even have classes for specially abled children with special teachers hired for them.

As you could make by this narration about ISHA RAI that she is an inspiration and a HIGH-END name for a reason. She is a respected lady with sea of knowledge and a rare golden heart.

She is currently persuing her Ph.D in Accountancy and even wants to write a book on SIMPLIFIED ACCOUNTANCY. This shows her hunger and eager to learn throughout never gets fulfilled.