If 9 to 5 is not your way. If office politics screw you up. If time management is your best bet. This article is for you! Technology has blessed us with improvements in the area of ‘Online Jobs’. Unnecessary time wastage during commute, rigid office hours, travelling to metro cities for work and endless challenges has come to an end with increased emphasis on Online Jobs.



  • DIGITAL MARKETING: Social media has a huge consumer base. People surf social media and search online when they have a need. Studying this scenario Digital Marketing is used extensively and is the hot topic of the town. It’s simply marketing your products online to customers. Digital marketing offers many jobs such as Content writing, Search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, email marketing, etc. One can surely find his pick and earn with the fast growing trend.


  • ONLINE INFLUENCER: If you feel you have the power to influence people say by your style, lifestyle, beliefs, etc you can be a full time influencer. Influencers post on social media and attract the audience and make them follow and grow their name. They gain followers and simultaneously get chance to collaborate with brands which pay them impressive amounts. This might not earn you thousands in a night but consistent and quality work surely fetch you fame & money. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, etc are some great platforms to consider.


  • ONLINE TUTOR / COUNSELLOR: If looking for teaching or counselling jobs but don’t want to invest or lack time, you can now reach as many students or clients right from your own room. You can connect to masses from platforms like Intershala, Udemy, Upgrad, etc. and start your coaching, offer online courses, online counselling sessions, etc. Today online learning is what every student looks for and thus there is a tremendous demand for the related jobs.


  • WEB DEVELOPER/WEB DESIGNER: Today every brand has a website or company has a website of his own. WEB DEVELOPER and WEB DESIGNER both work together to build a website or a webpage. A developer takes all coding and programming, fixing bugs and other technical stuff while designer design the visual aspects of the website. Web Development offers various job profiles such as Frontend developer, Backend developer, Full Stack developer, Mobile developer. Web designing too offers numerous job profile such as Graphic designer, Internet copywriters, UX designers, Internet marketing specialist, SEO Writer, etc. These jobs are in huge demand and are highly paid as technology is overtaking everything.



There are several reasons which make Online Jobs more convenient and fruitful than Traditional Employment. Some of such benefits are:

- FLEXIBILITY is the most important benefit provided by the Online Jobs. Due to this, students who want to work can manage their studies and work simultaneously. This also allows people to take up couple of jobs and manage them simultaneously earning them much higher than a single 9 to 5 job.  Online jobs allow you to work without any limitation; you can work from any part of the country without moving an inch. There be no unnecessary need of wearing uncomfortable formal attire or running to catch the taxi or train and reach the office on rigid timimgs.


 - NO STRICT INVIGILATION provides a more comfortable environment to work. Today everyone wants to be his own boss. No one likes any invigilator keeping an eye on your every movement or bossing you up. Online jobs also prevent any kind of office politics which may degrade morale of many employees. It allow you to work at your own pace in your own suitable way without being judged by co workers or bosses.

- MORE CLIENTS can be engaged while working online. You don’t have to end your day in the same office premises with the same employers; this gives you a chance to work with couple of companies on different projects. A more relaxed way would be working as a Freelancer who works with number of clients without any strict bondage. This would give a chance to make more money in the same time frame if you have the capability to multi-task.

- ECONOMICAL. Being economical is the most important advantage of working ‘online’. You no longer have to

  • Make huge investment for starting up a business
  • Shift to metro cities and pay for accommodation
  • Pay high taxi/train fares
  • Spend on formal costumes, etc.

All this money saved allows you to invest on yourself instead of unnecessary payments mentioned above. All money saved could be used to learn new skills or upgrade your lifestyle or for good causes. ‘Money saved however, is money earned’.

- SAVES YOU TIME for spending it with loved-ones, keeping a check on physical health, having a great weekend and alot more. Online jobs comes with huge time saving opportunities which can in turn be used to accomplish many other interests simultaneously. You don’t have to kill you time

  • if you tend to complete your tasks before closing hours
  • during commute from home to office, everyday
  • to attend seminars and meetings planned in different unfamiliar locations
  • to go for a physical interview in cities far away, etc.

All this precious time saved can prove to be life changing as:

  • you can balance work-life equation more effectively
  • it gives you time to focus on physical & mental health; improving productivity
  • it allows you to acquire more new & advanced skills, time to time
  • it allows you to multi-task and accomplish goals in every sphere
  • it allows students to work &manage their studies effectively, etc.

- SUITABLE TO MANY as it do not impose ill-logical barriers to work. Online jobs provide many opportunities over traditional employment methods. Many people like:

  • housewives
  • person with disabilities
  • people living in remote areas
  • students
  • retired/elder people and many more

are benefitted by the ease and facilities provided by Online Jobs. Women who want to restart their careers but need to manage their houses can easily apply for jobs online. Online jobs take care of skilled physically challenged people by providing them ease of operating their jobs right from your place. People living in remote areas say rural areas having valuable skills no longer need to start a new living just to find a job; they can now provide their services right from the place best suited. Students are no longer needed to compromise with their college to cope with fixed office hours. ‘Age is just a number’ when it comes to online jobs, anyone with desired skills and talent can join the project without age or gender barriers.



Skilled youngsters still studying but wanted to get financially independent can bag awesome jobs from their homes without missing their college or schools. They no longer need to be graduated to apply for a conventional 9 to 5 job or miss on their colleges or schools to meet the office hours. Skills are the need of the hour and are welcomed. Skilled young minds are earning thousands from their homes just by rendering their talent to the recruiters.

- Women wanting to restart their careers can now perform ample of tasks from their homes without depending on others for commute or exhausting themselves 9 to 5 in the offices followed by the household. Simple jobs like data entry, creative writing or tech based which actually don’t need any physical building to be performed in can be housemakers’ best bet.

- Tech wizards just need their minds and laptops to do their magic. Technology can be operated from any part of the work. This raise question on conventional   strict 9 to 5 office hours, 1 hour travel to reach office premises, moving to metropolitan cities, and several other challenges.

- Physically challenged people can now utilise their unique talent and education to earn thousand or lakhs without any discomfort. Physically challenged people tend to lose their jobs or become less productive because of conventional in-office methods of working. Isn’t it depressing? Online jobs have overcome these issues they can comfortably work from their places while managing their health. They can do any job be it teaching, content writing, marketing, counselling, online sales, coding, web designing, etc.

List is endless, Online Jobs has benefitted a vast number of people who have number of limitations and hurdle between them and their dream job.

  • In the MENA survey, conducted recently by, Future Hiring Trends stated that , some 81% of professionals in the Middle East and North America are expecting remote hiring to increase over the next few upcoming months.


Especially, Online Jobs had been proved to be a PANDEMIC ESSENTIAL in 2020, where economy was falling apart and coming out of the house was not at all a option but still one was not able to afford leisure time and need to work in order to continue earning their daily bread.

So winding the topic, just want to add that gone are the days where ONLINE JOBS were confined to Call centre work, Home based Data Entry, Home based Customer Care or Online Survey. We ain’t living in 90s. 21st century has technology developing 10 times faster than ever and has not left any stone unturned to upgrade he standard of living for the people. We can have our own on-air restaurant to online classrooms to online jobs paying high end salaries in every niche.