Online Jobs : the growing demand and supply of things

Online jobs is the new trend. No amount of money is enough money because of the growing demand and supply of things and the race to make our lives more and more luxurious. This greed has led us to trying to do as much as work and pushing us more than our limit of the body just to get the extra cash. This is now becoming toxic for us as a society. For now we do not sit down with our family and friends, we don’t sit with ourselves anymore. Though online jobs are a good way to gain experience in this lockdown but the fact that I am trying to put focus on is that they come with a lot of drawbacks also.

Now, in the real world you know the office, the employer and a reputation of the given company in the market but online..? More than half of the time you do not see who you are working for and if it is a legit company or not. This leads to fraud, you as a person who needs the online job might just apply and get selected and celebrate the appointment. You get an offer letter which seems legit to you and you start working for them after a month when it's time for the paycheck to come in your account, you realize that it was all a fraud and now all you time and energy and work that you had put in over the 30 days are gone down the drain. This also includes the online internships which students do. The amount of fraud cases that we have seen in this quarantine is humongous.

All because more and more people are applying for the internships and the employers are taking an advantage. There are two rounds for getting selected for the internships and many times the employers give tasks to the candidate to get the work done from them and then not select them! This causes them to give their creativity and time without getting something back, the bottom line of this issue is that it violates the intellectual property rights of the candidates. Now let us look about some good sides of this. As we all know that the issue with the lockdown was the loss of steady income for a lot of families and these online jobs ensure that even when one is not able to go to work can still work from home and earn and meet the ends. Not only this, it also gives a chance to the young adults of the family to help reduce the workload of the house.

Now let us look at what are the top 15 jobs that you can start right away!

  • Creative writing/content writing - you can now use your english skills and vocabulary not just to write captions or texts and answer in your college exams but also earn through it. A lot of companies are looking for interns who can write good content for their social media platform and their websites as well. If you think you have that talent to keep up with the deadlines and can write new creative content regularly then you should look for content writing jobs.
  • Next is by selling your art - if you have an artistic side to you and are ready to keep up with the overwhelming orders you should go for this. The amount of demand for art is increasing day by day. Not only you can draw, paint and sell them but you can be a designer and design cups, t-shirts etc. and sell them. The trend for personalized gifts is in the air and people prefer personalized items these days over the others. Now if your talent is something tangible, you can create workshops and classes to teach and earn money through it also. This gives you a sense of satisfaction also by teaching people what you know you make new connections all over the world. You travel without travelling. Safe and secure. 
  • Blogger - you can create your own blog posts. If you have a habit of penning things down and are ready to post this. You can have ads placed on your blog. You can write blogs for others and also write for yourself. There are a lot of options to explore when it comes to blogging. You just need to write.
  • Web/ Graphic designer -as the entire work is now being done online the need for designer is increasing. Everyone wants to make their website look more presentable and better than the other and while you surf your laptop you might just learn a new skill and start earning through it , and your mom will not scold you on how you spend the entire day on the laptop but now you work. The following jobs are that you can do  have some design skills and experience, these are just some types of online work you can do:


  1. Website & landing page design
  2. Logo design
  3. Mobile app design
  4. Business cards & corporate souvenirs
  5. Ads, banners and marketing materials
  6. Leaflets, brochures, e-books
  7. Packaging design
  8. Presentation design
  9. Diverse illustrations
    • Voice overs  -One of the new and unique jobs which are not actually much heard of is voice over. You can now lend your voice! There are so many movies that need to be translated into other various languages not only movies to be translated but also animated movies and cartoons need a voice over artist for them. If you are someone who can speak a lot this is surely something you should try. 
    • The one thing which everyone is trying is to make YouTube videos and be an influencer, if you have some creative ideas and knowledge about something that can be useful to people so you should create your content and make money.
    • There are a lot of options not just these that you can do online and make money. Keep your eyes on the frauds and try to make time for your family friends and not make the job your entire life.