Online job is basically any kind of job where you can work from home or a remote area rather than reporting to a particular location. With the advancement in internet technology, this concept has emerged which is trending in the 21st century. Though the concept is not completely new, but it is finding new momentum during this pandemic where everyone is advised to maintain social distancing and stay at home. Since no gatherings are allowed, people are finding it convenient to opt for online jobs. You have variety of options available for working online. And you can choose according to your taste and preference. There is something for everyone starting from students after they complete 12th or retired persons. Age is no more a barrier here.

You can become an online tutor, personal trainer, online employer, freelance worker and much more. Just identify your skills and go for it. There are various apps which provide students who have completed their 12th to opt for paid internships. You just need to have good writing skills. You can become a content creator if you have interest. Many housewives are earning 20 to 30k per month working from online. This field is very beneficial for those who can create quality content. YouTube and Instagram are trending these days where you can get thousands of content creators showcasing their talent and making money. There are lots of online reselling apps these days which allow you to earn a good amount of money per month based on your sale. You just need to be active on social media where you can share the link of various products given on the app via WhatsApp or any other groups. If anyone buys the items you get a commission out of it. You don’t need to deliver the products or anything. Its all done by the sellers. So you just sit back at home and make money.

Online jobs offer a lot of benefits as comparted to office going. It offers time saving, money saving which otherwise would have been spent on transportation while going to office, more time to spend with your loved ones.

MORE JOB OPPURTUNITIES AND VARIETY OF OPTIONS- There are lot of job opportunities online. Most of the employers hire workers online or from remote areas so that they can cut down their business expenses. In the present scenario of covid 19, the demand for online jobs have increased. Also, you can work with different companies if you manage to take out time. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to devote your entire day to a particular job. You can even work as a freelancer with international clients.

CAN EARN MORE MONEY- Online job allows you to earn more money. Just because you don’t have to work for a company on a monthly salary basis. You can work with different companies and can earn more than your monthly income.

FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS- Online jobs just require a few things- a laptop, internet and your personal time management. If you get these three things right you can literally work from anywhere. This makes you more flexible because you can wake up and start your work at anytime you want. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Even if you have to travel urgently and you have your laptop and internet connection along with you, you can even work while travelling. You don’t have to take a leave.

CUT DOWN EXPENSES- At the end of the month you will realise that you are able to save a lot money. As you no longer have to spend money for eating outside, and spend extra money be it willingly or unwillingly. Your wardrobe doesn’t need update every now and then anymore as you are no longer going to office. So, what you wear doesn’t matter and you are able to save money in that end too.  Even working mothers who spend their money by keeping their babies in day care or on nannies, can save their money by working from home. Also, they will have more time to do household chores and look after their children.

CONTINUE WORKING EVEN AFTER RETIREMENT- Retired? Want to work but no one hires you? Here is a solution to your problem as well. In online jobs, you get the opportunity to work in your desired field even if you are retired. You no longer have to look for earning a living here and there at old age. You can pursue your desired field of work without having the tension of getting retired and becoming jobless. As long as you are ready to work, you can continue working, you can work as a freelance worker in various companies and earn a good amount of money. There is no need to work in a stereotypical way of how old men are supposed to earn their living by working in farm or in departmental stores.

MORE TIME FOR FAMILY- Opting for online jobs give you more time to spend with your family. As you no longer have to follow a timetable, you manage to take out more time for the people at home. Spend time with your kids, Have some extra cuddles with your doggo and much more.

 FOR PEOPLE AT BED REST- Often there are times when you are sick may be your leg is fractured or you suffer from a disease in which you are required to stay at home. For them working remotely is very advantageous as your illness can no more come in your way of earning. Pregnant women can also work online and earn money while taking care of themselves.

If we talk about the pitfalls of online jobs, there are a few of them as well.

LACK OF SELF- DISCIPLE- When you are working from home and there is no punctuality, you wake up at any time you like and start your work you slowly lose your self-discipline which in turn makes you less productive. It costs you nothing to start your work late just because you don’t have an official time. But if time is not managed properly, you may end up delaying your work and pay for it in the long run.

DISTRACTIONS- Be it your children popping in while you are working, or temptation to work your favourite show, one can easily lose focus and get distracted while working from home. When you want to be online for your work purpose, you accidentally end up wasting your precious time on gaming or social media or even your favourite Netflix series. This can be avoided by practicing self-discipline and understanding the value of time.

GETTING ENGAGED IN HOUSEHOLD CHORES- It’s impossible to not get a single household chore done while staying at home. You may have to run errands, help your mother with work or something or the other. These tasks end up eating much of your work time leaving you with incomplete tasks which keep piling up every single day.

GETTING BORED WHILE WORKING- If you are among those people who love to interact with your co-workers, then this can be a bit troublesome for you. You, may feel lonely as there is no one around you to discuss your work-related issues. Obviously, you can reach out to your friends via calls or texts but not everyone is comfortable doing that. Some people feel more comfortable to talk face to face. Hence not able to discuss with your colleagues about the work given can lead to boredom. Also, networking becomes monotonous gradually. Going to office definitely provides you a better environment to work.

DEPEND ON CERTAIN THINGS FOR WORK- For working online the first and foremost requirement is a good internet connection. If your connection is poor most of the time, then you won’t be able to get your work done on time. Not only this, if you are someone who has to face power related issues like load shedding every now and then, you will be compelled to lose several work hours and won’t be able to meet your deadlines. However, this problem can be avoided by investing in power invertor.

LACK OF BASIC THINGS FOR ONLINE JOBS- Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford laptop or high-quality internet connection needed for working online. We must not forget that India is a land of villages and there are many daily wage earners, who earn their living by working on a daily basis. They cannot do their work online. They have to be physically present in order to do their duty. For example, maids, people working at construction sites, people who cook for others, housekeepers, caretakers, nannies etc cannot do their jobs online. Even if they wish to do something, but then most of them are unaware of technologies and stuff and not everyone of them can afford the equipment. Hence, this type of job is limited to a certain group of people to a large extend.

 Well, pursuing online jobs has its own pros and cons. Its important to examine and decide whether its worth your time. You need to have good time management skills and practise self-disciple to be able to surpass the cons.