Now we can also earn money using internet


Internet such a great thing. A thing where we can use to connect throughout the world, to get any kind much more things which many of us don’t even know. Now we can also earn money using internet i.e.; ONLINE JOBS.


Online job is a great source for many people who doesn’t get other jobs as well as for many students who want to be independent in their life as soon as possible or who want to gain experience for their future course of their jobs. Online jobs are sources from which we just gain not lose anything. This kind of source should be adopted by students if they want to improve their skills, their talents and also to experience the climate of job premises.


Online jobs include many kinds of jobs. It can be organized by a business firm, partnership firm, van organisational NPO etc. Online jobs can only be an internship or we can say a training of the online employees or it can be your earning source. The employs can work for a not – for – profit organisation as well as for profit concerning organisation. So, there are many kinds of online jobs which we can pursue at our homes very easily.


Online jobs are such a great source for everyone, there is no doubt in it. People can find many jobs online. This is a wow factors, for those people who are totally jobless even after their graduation. They can search for the jobs online in their mobile phones. And the smart android phones are now almost in every homes. So there is no problem regarding the search for online jobs. Not only smart mobiles phones, laptops, tabs or computers can be a source for online jobs.


Online job is the only source of employment from home. Yes, online jobs can be done by us at our homes while relaxing, sitting or eating.  This is wonderful. Not only this, if you want to do online job first for gaining a kind of experience, this is a best choice online jobs are chosen by people to increase their talent, to increase their experience, to improve their co-curriculum level to make themselves independent, to increase their IQ level and many things which an educated person wishes in his/her life. So yes online job is a very great source.


Online jobs also include those jobs which can also be done by an illiterate person. For example there are some online jobs in which a person have to share some information regarding the job or work or we can say, in this a person have to share some promotional information regarding  the job or work to all his/her contacts. For this he/she will get a certain amount of money. So this is an example of an online job which the literate people can easily do but it can also be done easily by the illiterate people who are jobless. They can also do an online job sitting at their homes with the help of their smart phones.


Online jobs are a great source but it leads to some limitations in case of learning. We can’t learn something while sitting at home. We can’t get to learn about working in a social environment. We can’t gain the knowledge of external business environment and its dynamic changes. We can’t go and see the real business situations. We can’t get suggestions about how to work and how to handle real business situations which are very complex.


Disadvantage of online jobs yes, there is. But there is no big deal about it. The single disadvantage of online jobs is just its network issues. But yes, I can say that network issue, sometimes becomes an obstruction in our online job’s work. For example if a task is given to us for a day and that day we are having network issue unluckily, then what will happen? Our task will not get completed and we will not get our payment. Sometimes, network issues become a big deal.


At last, i can say that internet is not just for engaging in the social media but yes internet also consists of online job- a job platform which is very suitable and comfortable for you. In an online job you can do your work at your home and in your comfort zone. There is no time limit for some online jobs. If you are a student and you want to experience an online job for some time, then you can easily approach for online jobs. Online jobs are available for all, literate and illiterate. What you have to do is to just search for the online jobs. This is such a great source. So, these are my views about online jobs.