Never lose hope and nothing is impossible in life

Shudhanshu, a 23 yr. Old boy, who has attained all India rank (AIR-10) in his JEE examination and he did his Btech from IIT college, who was also in top rankers in his university, after completing his Btech (CSE) got a great job in India in a reputed company. And he was very happy because he worked very hard from his school days to his college life, for this day. The package he got is 22 LPA (LAKH PER ANUM). His designation for that job is software developer.

Software developer as many of us know that makes applications or we can say make software for company or for an individual.  He has to analyze the requirements of company for software. After analysing the needs of company or customer software developer analyse the requirements that he need for making the software. After that, he will collect the things or information regarding this. Then he will guide all the employs what he wants for that software and then all that specialist person about there work will collaborate with the developer. And after process is going on.  There are list of steps occur for a developer work as he also have to test the software and also maintain the software.  So this is about a developer’s life.

Shudhanshu’s life is also going on that track as we discussed above.  As he was doing very well in his company, so company also offers him for a high post in the company. And he also starts working hard at that high post. But suddenly, due to some misunderstanding company didn’t believe in him as like earlier. So now he fed up with all these stuff and trying to work in some other company. And also he remains unemployed for some time. This bad time is short-lived for him.

One day someone offers him job as a software developer in abroad. He felt very happy; his family also felts very happy to see his smiling face. He face interview and also clear that interview. He got positive response from that company now he was ready to go and packed his bags and he was working on that company in abroad. He learnt a lot of things there and many people had inspired him. Now he was thinking to do something big.

He had a big idea in his mind and wants to implement that idea. His idea was to stand a business empire of his own. He was working very hard day and night, during the day time he was doing his job and night time he is investing in his empire or we can say dream project.

He was taking one by one step towards his dream project. Due to his some mindset as he faced before in his job he was fired there. That’s why now he wants to do something his own and he knew that jobs are temporary. Anyone can be fired you at anytime. And he doesn’t want that his generation face this problem.

After two year he had a great empire of his own and he provided jobs to well deserving people. He did every possible thing for his empire. Now he becomes very famous for his business and hard work. People are publishing his biography for inspiring the youth. And media were taking his interviews about his whole life how he got AIR-10 in JEE exam and got good job in a reputed company and also how he face failures and how he overcome that situation and make this great empire by his own. After becoming a successful man still he remembers all those jobless days.

This job story tells us that how an employer’s life is. He had to face all ups and downs in his life related to his job. But he should handle all his situations of life. This story also tells us how to overcome from worst situations. Never lose hope and nothing is impossible in life, every person can do anything that is either job or business.