Lockdown has been very tough on every single one of us

Lockdown has been very tough on every single one of us, no age group is left unaffected. The old people who had their evening gossip walks and every month meetings have now come to a stop. The kids who used to rush to the playground right at 6pm now are sitting and looking at their friends from their windows and waving at each other. But the most affected are the ones who went to work everyday.

Just like everyone is saying that is the time to sit back and have fun with their family because of schools and colleges being shut but the working people are still working. While everyone is catching up on the movies and series there were some of them still making presentations and now waking up by their boss’ calls not the alarm anymore. This work from home was a dream for everyone because it looked like a dream where you sleep and wake up at your own wish and work when you feel like instead of sitting in a cubicle on a desk from 9-5. 

The new lifestyle has some pros and cons just like the previous one had. Looking at how it has changed the working style and lives of people is how it has affected the body cycle. Now that people don’t have to wear formals everyday the most important of the conference calls are also done in half formal and half the comfy home clothes.

The pros to this is that now people get enough sleep in fact more than catching up on movies people are now catching up on sleep. Not only sleep but also diet , so many mothers who were calling their kids 5 times a day to check up on them if they have eaten or not , now just go straight in the room and call them to sit on the table while she serves hot delicious and healthy food! People are now able to spend more time with their loved ones and get more time to focus on themselves and relax more and learn more. 

What seemed to be like a vacation in disguise was actually a vacation for the mother earth. Gradually everyone started seeing the drawbacks of work from home. While a person might think in the beginning of achieving more by staying back at home while after a few months he or she started missing their offices and the work environment they had after all not all wishes should come true is something we have learned. They started missing not only their friends and colleagues but also their boss ! as wisely said that you always start missing something when you don't’ have it and not value when you have it. This is only the story of the people who are well off such as the middle class and upper class. The conditions were never this good for the lower middle class and lower class, you must wonder how and why? The answer is simple. The latter group does not have a steady income source and if so it is by doing labour work or househelp and being a waiter or running a grocery shop or a restaurant. For them it was more of a punishment than a vacation. They have been struggling to meet the ends every month and could not really enjoy the family timE. This work from home has also indirectly been a cause of the increase in the theft and robbery cases. 

So now the question for debate arises if the work from is actually a good idea or not and has it been efficient enough or not.The facts that I have presented to you above clearly show the two sides of the coin and now we need to see which side is heavier to make a decision. The economy is one of the biggest factors that we should take into consideration when deciding if this work from home is a good way of doing jobs or not. The reports have clearly shown that the economy of not only India but almost every country that has been affected with Coronovirust or Covid - 19 has had a downfall of the business. This is pretty obvious for the matter no import or export businesses are taking place no one is buying clothes from the Multinational companies brand showroom and to the lowest point people are travelling so hence the tourism has also had a major role in the downfall. No doubt that we see a positive development and can see happier employees in the beginning of the work from home but even they are bored and need a change and hence can’t work efficiently. All these factors when taken into consideration show that work from home is okay for once or twice a week but not for straight 6 months and more.