It is important to challenge yourself from time to time

The conception of human beings began with evolution. No matter how much you may oppose it or deny it, it is a scientific reality. Our species, as an outcome, was a consequence of a natural phenomenon that we have carried along with us ever since. The cavemen discovered fire and wheels to act as a catalyst for a further elongated evolutionary process. It led to all of our lives being the way that it is right now. Now you may agree with me when I say that there’s is an indisputable difference between the stone age and today’s technological one. When our parents were young, their minds used to overflow with amazement with the thought of a car or a telephone. Today, even a two year old toddler knows how to operate a touchscreen phone embedded with millions of features and apps.
The point that I’m trying to make here is that as we grew, we evolved. We accepted all the changes with an unconventional kind of agility and adaptability and for that, we should really applaud ourselves. We got the first prize trophy home with the way that we suggested methods to strive better for ourselves as well as others. We’re all prodigies, you and I.

I once read somewhere “Normal is not natural” and that is the one thing that has undoubtedly stuck by me ever since. I never let myself stay put in the situation that I am, but try to strike higher. Now, don’t blame me, amidst all the evolution the one thing that refuses to change is my willingness to accept these changes. It is only human after all.

The gym trainers never let you complete a set with the same amount of weights as you started. Because if they did, you would never be able to develop the kind of muscles that you desire. As they observe you become comfortable with a particular weight set, BAM! They go ahead and increase it in the next repetition. This not only helps build your muscle but also your endurance agility. And you, slowly but eventually, get used to that too. This shows that you are welcoming to all sorts of changes- be it in diets, personalities, or even jobs.

Jobs. Ah, just the thing we need to pay all those gym membership bills. Jobs also started somewhere in the inevitable process of evolution, and we all did what naturally came to us. I reckon it basically started as you began working for your family, gathering all that you could to build yourself a shelter, and getting rewarded for it at the end of the day with food and respect. That notion obviously reformed with the passage of time. We moved onto a barter system, up until the point the very genius Lydians invented the concept of coins, which was not famous at first but now is literally the base of our living. At first, all that we had to do was survive, but now it is to do so with some dignity and happiness. We understood the importance of mental health, gender identities, and social constructs- concepts that were once considered taboo. All these inclinations grew out of the discoveries of our own minds, and we radically accepted them as they advanced towards us. This blissfully shows the life that we have assembled for us, constantly growing at every step.

Another mind blowing idea that I would like to address the conception of are jobs as a means to value ourselves. Jobs are a position of employment that helps develop our personal and professional skills as a result of, well you guessed it, evolution. As Maslow quite flawlessly explained in his understanding of the hierarchy of needs, we just don’t require food, shelter, and clothes but much more. We are a lot more complex than we picture ourselves to be. Social security and Job come second to basic physiological needs, so that should tell you how necessary it is to work in order to gain that level of satisfaction just so you can move on to the next one.

Jobs provide us a way to be financially independent, we hold onto and showcase our talents in order to work where we desire and receive our hard-earned money. It started from a barter system to a monetary exchange one, to now: where we strive to earn financial as well as non-financial incentives. Physical jobs require you to move out of your homes and work outside all day, be it in an air conditioned office or a construction site. As you already know by now, evolution is a recurring and gradual process that takes place without your erudite. With the development of newer technology and advancements in telecommunication, Online Jobs is the smart way to be. They not only ease the way you work but also make you flexible to the progress happening around you. Working an Online Job would mean uploading and redirecting content on web pages at the ease of your own home. It’s wonderful how convenient it is. Not only it has minimal work pressure, but the economic and health benefits are unquestionably an added advantage. It saves the cost of working expenses, commute, electricity and as more and more people are recruited, it increases the scope of employment in the economy. So a win-win situation for all!

With every pro comes a con. Online Job tags along with the disadvantage of feeling isolated, unrecognized, and confined. Though I’d argue again, evolution brings with it a new sphere of adjustments that help you get through all the hard times. There are tons of ideas for an online job- from a freelancer to an online teacher, and you can develop all the skills you need or enhance the ones you hold on to from an online teacher! You can be a writer, a YouTuber, or a salesman, the choice is yours! In a land full of possibilities, find what you strive for.

Online Jobs are not an altruistic vision but a realistic one. It makes more sense and seems smarter to adapt to the rapidly occurring changes existing amongst us. We must make use of all the unique ideas and potential before anyone else does. You need to look into the inner segment of your being, to understand the importance of earning the kind of skill that will take you places. I don’t see why anyone would miss out on or unwillingly sign up for the kind of platform that only takes you higher and defines you to be a better individual.

Online Jobs require you to devote a percentage of your time at home itself, and sit in front of your computer screens and get going in the virtual reality world filled with possibilities for you to depend your future on. It helps you believe not only in yourself but also in the actuality of making money at the expense of your own home.

But I’ll be honest- it is not as easy as it sounds. Sitting in front of a screen all day causes a headache for sure. You may feel cooped up in your own home after a point of time. You may feel your talents aren’t being recognized despite you working so hard day and night. But I will also put this in front of you: that these kinds of obstacles are bound to happen in any job. You may feel claustrophobic in an office cabin and cliques in a working environment may make you feel unacknowledged. These hurdles are for you and only you to overcome with a firm belief in yourself and the validation that you are best in what you do. And honestly, this kind of self-faith is required in whatever you do. Having that kind of a broad mind will take you places for sure.

It is important to challenge yourself from time to time, similar to the way a gym trainer challenges you to finish a set with a higher number of weights than you began with. And you do it, for you test your capabilities and they never fail you. You never fail yourself. Creating the best use out of a problem or situation is a clear cut instance of how you are ready to overcome ultimatums and emerge out stronger, perhaps even muscular. These kinds of dares assist you in overcoming your fears, not only in the field of work but also in daily life.

All kinds of progress take place outside your comfort zone is an extremely fitting sentence and I literally just wrote an entire article about it. I hope this motivates you, nudges you to apply to places you’ve been wanting to or to open that YouTube channel that you have put on hold for some time now. Consider this your cue to do all those things, you try to achieve even one strand of growth that you can on a daily basis. And eventually, you will notice the impact that it has on your daily being, how you would feel to be living in a life with a better sense of accomplishment, and how the small steps grace the bigger picture of your life!