Is Freelancing the right career option for you

Freelancing career can be liberating in many ways, it’s also a very difficult route to take. Not everyone is suited to this way of working. Being self-employed and growing your own business is a lot harder than people imagine.


A lot of people try freelancing but end up returning to a more traditional job after a year or two. In most cases, this is because they were not really suited to a freelance way of working in the first place.


Let's check out if Freelancing the right career option for you


1) Do you mind working alone?

Freelancers do come together to collaborate sometimes and also to meet with clients, but usually, you’ll be working alone. If you’re content spending many hours by yourself, usually working in your home office/studio, then freelancing will be an ideal career choice.


2) Are you good at organizing your time?

As a freelancer, you’re in full control of how many hours you work. If you have an eye for details and you are naturally an organized person, then freelancing will suit your personality. If not, then you’ll very quickly be in trouble.


3) Can you focus when in any surroundings?

A big draw of the freelance lifestyle is the ability to potentially work just about anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop. You can spend your mornings in your favorite coffee shop and your afternoons in a co-working space. You can even run a freelancing business while traveling the world. This is called a laptop lifestyle


4) Can you self-motivate yourself?

Everyone is motivated when they begin a new business or adventure. It’s easy to be excited and hardworking in those early days. The problems arise weeks and months later when work becomes a little monotonous or clients are still hard to come by. Successful freelancing requires self-motivation.