How Virat has suffered in this lockdown?

Virat a young man who have working in a most popular IT company in us. Next week he has engagement with anushka. While this he had made his arrangements for engagement in grand manner. He spent more money for that. Suddenly the virus spread is very severe in us. Most of the IT companies has got closed due to losses. Most of the people return to their own countries. But in this situation virat company has announced that removal of 50%staffs virat the senior manager has become jobless and covid positive patient. His lover anushka is working as a doctor has treated him. His engagement become a day dream. The money spent for that is useless.
He has go to self quarantine for 2 week. In this two weeks he has enough time to spent with family after a long interval. He spoke to his family through Skype. His family is with father, mother, a sweet little sister. His family is in India. But  anushka is orphan she met virat in airport at delhi. They loved each other for a time. In this two weeks virat thought are also about his engagement cancelled. But anushka has no time to speak with him. After two weeks being cured from covid virat came to see anushka. But she is no more. She was affected by covid and gone too soon!
Virat can't control her tears. He was in a uncontrollable pain. He thought to commit suicide so he went to Miami Beach. He saw the sea shores. He walked towards the sea middle but coast Guard are bring him to station and sent him to his house by just a warning. Lily a doctor working in anushka hospital came to see virat he handle the property of anushka. Virat take that things and start watching in that a diary writing a piece of words! 
Then virat suddenly apply air plane ticket for India
In that diary"Dear, virat. I am raisen by orphan in India. I didn't have any family! I loved your family more than you, so after marriage we should stay in India only"