Her Dream Job

An ordinary girl Lily, who always followed her dream and continues to so loved making music. Music has always been her dream job. Music being a big part of her life, She mastered the art of playing the Guitar and Piano. She consistently took part in many music-related competitions both in her school and college. Ageing did wonders to her voice. Controlling her pitch while singing which most could notis what she could easily do. Her passion for singing was at such a level, that she wanted to make her position in the list of five most top singers.

At first, Lily used to play her music only on special occasions like family reunions, birthdays or on request of her beloveds. Her free time mostly consisted of writing songs. Music was the only way she used to express herself. Lily's best friend Emma owned a café. Being such a good friend, lily started using her talent to attract more customers to her friend's café. By the number of praises Lilly got, she felt the confidence that she never had.

On a pleasant Friday, the renowned Music Producer Elliot LeBlanc happened to be at Emma's café. He was the owner of "The LeBlanc Labels" one of the best music producing companies in the industry of music. Playing her usual melodious music for the audience, she did not know that she was going to receive a life-changing deal. While packing her stuff up she was approached by Elliot who praised her for her amazing voice. He offered her to sign a record deal with him. He gave her his business card and informed her about all the details of how he would help her create her career in music and make her debut as an artist under "LeBlanc Labels".

Lily was taken aback by the offer that she had just received. She was very happy and she told Mr. LeBlanc that she would be glad to sign a record deal with him. He was delighted and instructed her to come over to his studio the next day to sign her contract with "LeBlanc Labels".

Lily went back home with a huge smile on her face. She was extremely happy and mainly proud of herself. Her dream of becoming a Music Idol was finally coming Alive. She called her beloveds and told them about the offer she had received. Her family and her friends were very contented and proud of lily.

The next day, Lily went to the company and approached the receptionist and informed her meeting with MR. LeBlanc about her debut. The polite receptionist assisted Lily to Mr Elliot's office. She knocked on the door and got in after getting consent. Mr Elliot welcomed her, exchanged greetings asked her about her day and health and at last gave her the contract. Lily carefully went through the contract and signed it. Mr Elliot was happy to have a new talented artist under his label. He told her that her training would begin within a week. Lily had a week to move her stuff from her apartment to the dorm where the trainees stayed until their debut. Lily shared a dorm with two other girls named Lydia and Ellie staying with them she got closer and within no time they were best friends.

After months of training, hard work, aching throats it was finally time for the trainees to shine. There were 15 trainees out of which a group of 4 trainees and 3 solo artists would be selected. They would perform their debut song and wait for the results. After moments of anticipation, the results were finally announced. The hearts of various talented artists beating fast, the names of the solo artists were announced. "The solo artists selected are Ellie, Lydia and…." Lily's heart pumped blood at a quicker pace, she waited for the announcer to say the name. "Lily," said the announcer. She rejoiced in happiness. Lily, Ellie and Lydia embraced each other and cried tears of joy. Lily called her mother and gave her the good news.Her mother was overjoyed.

Lily was preparing for her first album which consisted of 5 songs. She had two months to prepare her album. She was so ready for the album. She wanted her first album to be about achieving dreams. Hence, she named her album "Not Just A Dream". The releasing date of her album was on 5th March 2017.

It was finally the day to release her first album. Lily was nervous but she got over it by taking deep breaths. The main track of her album was released first. The rest of the album was released after a few minutes. The album had gotten 50 Million views within 24 hours. Lily was very thrilled by the number of views she had gotten. She had also been nominated for best new artist at the BBMAs. Her song "Just Dream" was on Number 1 on the Billboard Hot Hundred List for three weeks in a row. The BBMAs were near and she had to perform her song. She was very excited about performing at the BBMAs.

The BBMAs were a week away and she was practicing hard as she wanted her performance to be perfect. She went to the studio every day and practiced her dance for hours and hours until she was satisfied with her performance. Her manager told her not to overwork herself as she would be exhausted and might fall ill but she would not listen to him. She thought that the more she would practice, the more perfect she would be. She was so engrossed in practicing that she didn't even take care of her health and skipped meals on a regular basis.

It was finally the day of the BBMAs. She met many great, topmost idols like BTS, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and she also met her friends Ellie and Lydia. The three best friends were alotted seats together for the show. They had a lot of fun at the BBMAs. After a few performances, it was finally time for Lily's performance. She went backstage and got ready for her performance. It was time for her to get on stage. As the music started playing she started her dance and felt a bit dizzy but she ignored it and continued her performance. In the middle of her performance, she fainted because of the overwork she did and not taking care of her health, even though her manager continually told her to take care of herself.

Lily woke up in an unfamiliar room after few hours. As she turned to the side she saw her concerned looking mother sitting on the chair next to her bed. Noticing that Lily was awake her mother called the doctor for a further check-up and said that she was fine and could go home. She then recalled the incident that took place at the BBMAs and was disappointed in herself and promised herself and her mom that she would take care of herself at would eat healthy meals at the proper time. When she arrived at her house, she saw her friends Ellie and Lydia waiting for her. She went to them and hugged them. She told them not to worry about her and that she was fine. The rest of the day was spent watching Netflix and laughing.

Lily's life had drastically changed. She had achieved all her dreams and was enjoying her life. She was living the life she had dreamt of almost every night and was very successful. Many new big and small opportunities awaited for her. She gave out the message to her fans saying "Just believe in yourself and all your dreams will come true".