Everything is ONLINE

In the world of the pandemic, office work is a myth. Interviews turned into phone calls, business deals turned into virtual meets, committee meeting turned into zoom virtual get-togethers. Many people even lost their jobs just because they couldn't handle computer and operate the company's online portal, that's when everybody felt the need that why " online" is important. "Online" doesn't always mean sitting in front of the laptop for 8-9 hours doing repetitive work. We can go online simply with our phones. From games to groceries, from e-commerce shopping to marketing and selling your product, the virtual world plays a magnificent role.

You must've heard stories from your parents and grandparents that they had to walk several km just to go to school and come back walking the same. They must've even told you about how they used to rush hours before the office timings just to catch the bus and be there on time. But now things took a drastic change. Now even nursery kids learn with online classes. Teachers assign them tasks and they submit it with a soft copy. Now talking about online jobs, here you don't need to rush for catching the bus, you don't even need to walk several miles, but just need to do simple things. Dress up well, make yourself presentable and open your laptop and go on, that's it. This is how things got simpler with online jobs. Here, you don't always need to be physically present at a place called "office". No matter wherever you are, at home, at a wedding, on a trip or somewhere else, still you can get your job done. Just sit for a while, complete the assigned tasks and you're free.

Now many employees who got WFH to keep on blaming the network connection just to avoid their work. But I feel these excuses won't work for many days. With the continuous upgradations happening in the network industry, everyone will be having a proper network connection at whichever remote place they are in.

Yesterday, I saw an advertisement looking for a manager. I was like, how, how this will work? The manager needs to be on the field for the proper functioning of the team but then I realised these electronic devices will get the job done. Now the whole administrative work can be done sitting at home. The administrator can keep a check on the work employees doing. Even if he finds some mistakes or some laziness towards work, he can straight out call the employee. He can rectify him on a phone call or a zoom meeting.

There is a thing we hear at times. Most of the corporate issues/problems can be solved simply on a call. You don't need to be there at some place. Now-a-days, doctors are also on the ground of virtual world. During the period of this pandemic, many doctors turned themselves into a virtual instructor. They just have a virtual meeting with their patients, ask them symptoms and history and then prescribe tablets or ask for a proper hospital checkup.

Now many of you must be feeling like online jobs are related to only certain field of work i.e. IT industry. But the fact is with the increase in need of design and automation, mechanical field is moving towards the online world. Design engineers and machine programmers now work online and get their job done. Even after the end of this pandemic, people will still have the fear to go out to buy something or to eat. That's why online market will drive the world in the upcoming days. So to fulfil the needs of the service, online market will rise and so does online jobs.