Consequences of working from home

Work from home, also called telecommuting, telework or mobile work is a working scheme or basically a work arrangement where the employees do not have to travel or commute to any definite place of work, as in an office building, or a store or other working sites. Instead they have the convenience of working from a place where they best feel comfortable and at ease, i.e. their homes. The very concept of teleworking came into existence long back in the 1970s. But only during 21st century it has been widely known to all, over the globe. Teleworkers or employees use any device they are comfortable with for their work, such as android phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops etc. Teleworking has somehow made timings convenient and working easy for the employees. Teleworkers can be anywhere and still do their work, which provides them flexible working hours and some time with their friends and family which otherwise is not possible due to long hours of travelling for work. Not only the concept of work from home, has benefitted the already engaged workers but it has also provided a wide range of opportunities to many students and women who can’t go outside to work due to their household responsibilities.

Work from home, has been a savior for students who has the need to earn money by doing some extra work while continuing with their studies. It has given a chance to those women and mothers, who always wanted to do something but couldn’t because of their otherwise expected responsibilities. But with this work arrangement, they can do both efficiently. Women are anyway well known for their multitasking abilities, and this arrangement of work has very well served for their ability. Students from all around the world are getting a working experience beforehand which would be beneficial for them in the long run. They are getting opportunities to earn, showcase their talents and abilities just by sitting at their respective homes.

Teleworking has been adapted by a wide range of businesses, government organizations, private owners, multinational companies, non profit organizations, etc. As it has provided businesses with low input costs, for they do not have to set up an entire office for their employees which ultimately minimizes additional costs too, such as electricity, internet services. Teleworking has enhanced the quality of work as well the quality of work life of an employee. It allows its employees to have a better quality of living, as it reduces work load, long travelling hours, frustrating environments etc. Work from home is not only beneficial to the workers but it also is equally beneficial to our environment. This arrangement of work is very environment friendly, as it involves people working from their respective homes so it reduces pollution that would have been caused by the workers if they had to travel to their work place, it reduces congestion as well. Due to this arrangement organizations are in a position to hire a greater number of people, which is ultimately helping in reducing unemployment. Along with that, work from home allows workers to have a balanced life. Workers can now very efficiently balance their personal and professional life. And due to this balanced life, workers are having a better health than ever before. So, work from home concept has not only served flexible working hours, or a balanced life but it has also served in terms of health.

 Although work from home has a lot of benefits, it has also been a matter of concern since decades. Because this scheme, has been a scam too over the past years. Many fraud companies or individuals use this scheme to fool people by offering a big pay scale, and eventually asking for some sort of investment. Such investments are a theft, and the scammers run way with the money. Scammers even use the personal information of workers, for identity theft purposes. So, as much as this work arrangement is beneficial it has consequences too. Therefore, it is important for individuals to know what they are getting themselves into. They should be aware of such scams, and should be in a position to identify these type of scam activities. Well, everything has pros and cons. So, considering the pros of “work from home” arrangement, in this wake of novel corona virus pandemic this system of work has been proved to be the finest of all. With the rise of digital age, more and more organizations are realizing the benefits of work from home system. As it is not only benefiting the workers personally, or the environment but it is also helping our economy to grow and outshine.

Consequences of working from home

Work from home system is like a dream come true job for many people, but is it really and ideal situation? As many would consider work from home as the best job situation one could have, but we cannot undermine the disadvanatges this system brings along. As large number of people get so comfortable with this arrangement, that they stop feeling the need to work outside on sites. This could stop the individual growth of a worker. Also, as ideal this system maybe but many organizations are still there who do not consider freelance working a real job experience, so people might lose better job opportunities in the future. There can also be a lack of team spirit and communication, when you don’t work around a bunch of people you eventually end up losing the interest of working in a team or communicating verbally with people at all. Working in an office with people around you, with all the hustle and bustle is a very different experience than sitting at your home with your computer screen. You lose the work space experience too, mostly work ethics that only comes into play when you are working a group of people. And the most important of all is, loss of productivity. When you’re working at home or any such other comfortable place such as a café etc., you are surrounded by many distractions such as loud noise, music, people chattering or busy with their own work. Which affects your mind to stay stable and have enough focus, so it ultimately causes loss in productivity. Other than that, there are also issues with maintaining a regular time or sticking to a routine. It gets tough to process outside office, because there are no fixed hours for you to work. Moreover, the vibes and energy you get while working in an office you hardly get that while sitting at your home looking into the computer screen. And might cause, delay of work due to the lack of energy or proper work mood.  

Sum it up

Well, to sum it up work from home is definitely a good choice of work arrangement. But you need to consider the disadvantages as well and then work it out for yourself, so that this system suits best for you and your future.