Challenges you might face as a freelancer

First off, this is not meant to put anyone off becoming a Freelancer. As a coin has 2 sides, freelancing also has it's positives and negatives. Every field has some or the other challenge and you can't run away from them, but you need to face them.


Let'c check out the challenges you might face as a freelancer


1) Variable Workloads :- Although the freelancing dream is to have a constant flow of work, this is often not the case. Particularly in the first few years of establishing yourself. One solution is to push for retainer based work with an agency or brand. However this is often easier said than done.


2) Unstable Income - For freelancers there can be a recurring cashflow battle of ‘feast or famine’. One month you might have lots of work then virtually nothing for the next month. It is in those low income months that your resilience, patience and motivation can be really tested. When you the money you've generated from freelancing work, have it, save it! Don’t go spending what you earn or you will constantly have nothing to support you during the quiet time.


3) Long Working Hours :- In freelancing, its all about how many projects you take to work on. The more and more projects you take, the more time you will have to invest in it. Organise your time better and give yourself a deadline for each and every task. In this way, you can track your progress and also you will soon become an expert in no time


4) Payment Issue :- You will struggle to find a freelancer who hasn’t encountered some sort of client payment delays. They can be especially infuriating when you have delivered your work quickly and satisfactorily, and in return you get to wait forever for your payment. Sometimes being honest with your client and explaining how that payment delay affects your personal or business finances can be a way to speed up the process.