Being Famous Is A Job

Yes, being famous is a job. Almost everyone dreams of being famous. You want others to support you and admire you, but the price of fame is high.Being famous doesn’t mean living the perfect life just because of what we see on the internet. It means going through a lot of stress, overworking and hardships. The stress of trying to be perfect, trying to make people think that you are at your best even when you are not and putting on a show just so that the people around you are happy. Being famous isn’t easy. Celebrities are deprived of privacy and their lives are less intimate than the ones of normal people.

          When you are famous the comments are not always positive. People are famous for doing something that they love. They are just being themselves but people tend to judge them without knowing that what the person is doing may be the reason of their happiness. Moreover, popularity is dangerous at times. The anxiety for fanatical admirers or opponents, whose purpose is to hurt you. They work hard to reach the level of their success which is extremely time consuming and they don’t get time for their personal life, families or even themselves. They are often exhausted and stressed which leads to depression.

          Being famous can be both good or bad. A fame is rather a hard task. It is beneficial in many ways. Being richer is the greatest advantage of being famous. They live a luxurious and comfortable life. They also get the opportunities to travel to many places of the world. Travelling helps in enrichment of life experiences. They are recognized locally and globally which is great for ego boost. Many opportunities arise when a person becomes famous. They have supportive fans. It is truly overwhelming to have millions of people who are willing to share the same happiness and sadness with their idols. The main reason to a celebrities success are their fans.

          The downside of being famous means no privacy. The smallest detail about you would be known by everyone which is not a good catch. Being famous you might attract stalkers. Stalkers are definitely a real headache when you are famous. Being popular means always watching your back and being alert. Rumors are one of the worst thing that could happen once you are famous. People love starting rumors about celebrities. Most rumors are not a big deal but sometimes people say foul things about you which lays a negative impact on your life or even your future. Being a celebrity, you have to travel a lot for shoots, tours and other purposes which is tiring. Once you are under the spotlight many people will want to be you friends just because of your social status.