Because proximity doesnt matter in the online work

The concept of Online Jobs is a broad term used for the work that can be done online using personal devices such as a Personal computer, Smartphone or a Tablet. It is related to the concept of “working from home”, but in many ways it is different from homeworking. The current concept of “Working from home” is a temporary one, it came into popularity because working from office has become hazardous. The work from office will resume when the Pandemic conditions cease to exist.

Online Jobs on the other hand are the jobs which can be a person can do through the means of the internet. They are forever in their nature. There are various types of online jobs which a person can do. Many old professions that are compatible enough to be done through the internet can come under the gambit of Online Jobs. Online work comes in many ways. You can either do freelance work for someone or you can join some organisation to work exclusively from them and generate a fixed income. There are also opportunities where you don’t even need to be hired by someone, you can work at your own pace, content creators on YouTube work this way. For the employers employing online workers results in employing rich talents which may not be available in their own area. While looking for employees for online work, employers have a large pool to choose their employees from. Because proximity doesn’t matter in the online work.

There are many means with which one can work online. Different means or ways might be suitable for different types of Jobs. However, you can also use these means collectively for better work and integration. The first and foremost mean is the use of E-Mail to do online work, e-mail is useful for the purpose of file sharing over the internet, and communicating with your audience, employer or clients. People who work as Proof-reader, copywriter, and content writer can use the medium of e-mail. But the mail has its own limitations; you cannot use the mail for the real-time conversations, on the other hand only mail can’t be used to send the large files. You have to use the mail with other file sharing platforms. For example, you can use mail to share the link from the file hosting site. So, mail is needed to be used in a hybrid way, when the content you create is big in size, the mail is needed to be supplemented by file hosting service.

Videocall or teleconferencing is another way to conduct the online work. Teleconferencing is useful for the work where you need to engage with your clients and colleagues in the real time. There are many online platforms such as Skype, Google Meet and Cisco WebEx; these platforms provide video-chat support for groups. They are very useful for the purpose of conducting meeting with the people working from faraway places. The medium of teleconferencing is used for work such as counselling and online teaching. The people who create content can also use these platforms to explain their work to their employers; employees can also take verbal instructions from the office using these services. Most of these services are free and only charges for the premium features. Teleconferencing for the purpose online teaching is best when you need active classroom engagement from your students as it provides way for two-way communication. Online counselling on itself is based on the two-way communication, so the teleconferencing is the best suitable for this work. The work of a translator has also been facilitated through these means. As there is the rise in the international business and deals, the demand for the translators has also risen. Translators are now included during business teleconferencing. This has opened a new portal for the practitioners of this work.

The popularity of Video-hosting websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo is also opening new dimensions in the online work. There are many people who are creating content to reach a large audience and earning through advertisement profits generated from the views. But in order to establish yourself as a successful content creator is a hard task. The earnings are based on the popularity of your content on these sites. You can create any kind of content and make it available to the larger audience; be it entertainment, informative or news. Teachers are also using these online video sharing platforms to upload their lectures. There are also content creators which teach various other things which are beyond the realm of the general education. There are many tutorials on YouTube about how to do something. So, if you have a talent, and you can teach it to others, then you can monetize it as well using these services.

Blogging is also another platform through which people earn online. Blog is mostly a text-based platform, though you can also incorporate the pictures and videos on the blogs. One can make his/her own blog, but the revenue from it is based on the popularity of the blog, so for the newcomers it might take time to settle in. On the other hands, one can also write for some popular blogs or websites to get the fixed income. People from many walk of life, or various working backgrounds can use blog to showcase their talents, which in turn can provide valuable freelance work for them. A photographer can use a blog to showcase his talent, which in turn can increase the chances to be hired for some freelance work. A photographer may also sell his photos directly to the clients through these online channels. There are many online services as well where you can apply for freelance work. They have made online work just one click away

Social media management is another field which can be performed online from anywhere in the world, due to the popularity of the social media websites, brands are using such platforms to reach their prospective customers. Presence on social media websites and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter is important to reach out to the public and building a brand name. Companies need to hire people which are expert in managing the social media. They work closely with the Public Relations department of a firm. As this work can be done online, most of the companies allow the workers to work from home.

Sometimes the services are provided by the organisations in which the person is working in order to enable them to work from home. There are many other fields which are now getting online, enabling the conduct of work through the internet. The work of Customer Service Representative has also gone online. Apart from the traditional calling, customer services are now provided through chat, many companies are now asking people to work for them through online medium as a CSR. The companies provide access of their online portals to their employees, in which their employees can log in and start working.

There are also people who are good in arts and craft, most of them sell their home-made items on the platforms like Amazon Marketplace and Etsy. So even for the people whose talent is very unique, the internet provides them with the opportunity to earn more. Apart from this the local businessmen or resellers can also take their businesses online and start selling their product through this medium.

Online jobs are the best for the people who want to work from home. Mothers who have to take care of young one, for them, the Online Jobs are the best way to earn the money. The people who want some extra income apart from their regular 9 to 5 jobs can take up part-time online work. It is even useful for the students, it gives them the benefit of earning while studying, it also provides them with the work experience alongside their studies, so they’ll be employable at the end of their college. Anyone who have some talent and relevant skills can earn through these online means. One just need to explore the opportunities.

Online Jobs have changed the scenario of job market. It has opened the new fronts in the conduct of the work. Before the popularity of the internet, the concept of working remotely wasn’t even conceivable, but now most of the work in the world has the potential to be done through the online means. It has been proven a boon for both the employees and employers. Though it has not yet completely taken over the working from office, but it for sure, has the potential to do so. If it is developed more, people won’t have to leave their hometown and go to faraway places in the search of work. For the Employers it also presents a large chunk of choices regarding their employees. One can employ the talent from faraway places or even the other countries. The growth in the mobile and broadband services has intensified the online working and made it achievable. Nearly all the work that can be done online, will be done online in the future.