a new concept is evolving around the globe and that is Work from Home

The passage of time has changed a lot of things and thus , a new concept is evolving around the globe and that is " work from home " . This concept mainly puts emphasis on the Internet. Thus increasing the importance of online jobs. The spread of the deadly virus( Coronavirus ) has forced everyone to stay inside their houses. Thus , emphasing more importance on the concept of " work from home " . This has drastically changed the lives of the people as their entire schedule has been changed.

The busy life , the jam roads , the crowds in the street have all turned silent. Thus, the "work from home" concept is a new revolution which has changed our lives in various ways. Some are happy to spend time with their family and to learn to things. Whereas there are some people who feel that they have been inclosed in a cage. These kind of people are usually those people who love to party and hangout , but due to the lockdown they are frustrated of being inside their house as they are not use to it .

Everything is like two sides of the same coin and thus, the "work of home " concept is also the same. As everything has its own pros and cons. The time which use to get wasted in conveyance now gets saved. As people are not travelling so much due to their work from home job. Thus saving time and energy. The people can now spend more time with their families and in their lost childhood hobbies like , painting, drawing, coding, reading and many more like that.

This time even could be spend in the activities and projects which have always been on the wishlist like opening a Youtube channel or doing some crazy experiments or even learning something interesting. But their are some people who hate this concept of work from home as they are not use to it and is also due to they are missing their office environment and their friends. Going to the office and meeting the co - workers is good for the mental health and social life as it boosts the productivity and skills of the employees.Whereas during work from home their is no social interaction with anyone.This could even make a person depressed if not delt properly. This is because people don't even open up fully while chatting with their loved ones.

Thus there is a suppression of emotions. This can even effect more if mixed with laziness and procrastination. As, getting up late is sign of laziness. And avoiding the small tasks of house and spending time in social media is a sign of procrastination. All this not even effect a person productivity but also the health. This situation can further get worse if we consume negative content from the social media . This is because most people get demotivated with social media as they compare their 100 % life with somebody's 10% life. This is because nowadays some people get demotivated when they find someone with something which they don't have . But social media is not totally responsible about the depressed behaviours of the people.

It also depends on our perspective apart from the content we consume which degrade our value, time and energy. Our perspective is responsible weather we take a thing positively or negatively. So we should be happy when we find someone with something on social media which we don't have and get motivated by thinking that if that person could do it then even we can also achieve it rather than just getting depressed about what we still don't have. Its also important to change with time. As many people have lost their jobs because they have not changed themselves according to the environment.

For example, a small businessman who has a social presence will perform better than a person whose business does not have any social presence. The people who upgraded their jobs by being updated with the technology and by using it, have improved their efficiency and productivity and have been impacted positively.The growth in the technological sector has increased the importance and impact of Internet on us. Thus, the people who were still engaged in their traditional jobs have been impact badly. As they did not change themselves according to the environment. Hence, the work from home concept has increased our dependence on the Internet. The work from home concept can be made more skillful and productive if utilised properly. This can be done by enrolling in some online courses and Webinars during the free time. Thus, a great opportunity to improve the skills by learning new things or by polishing the existing skills. The work from home concept has even effected our health negatively. People had some physical activities while going to the office but working from home has made many people lazy. The ones who use to get up early to go to their office are now getting up late and then spending long hours in front of their laptop in order to complete the work. Thus, neglecting their health.

This carelessness can lead to many chronic diseases like spondylitis. It can even also increase the risk to problems like increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. It also increases the risk to various cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. Thus excessive work from home concept can not only ruin the entire schedule but also the health. As everything is like two sides of the same coin . Thus, where there are advantages there will also be some disadvantages. It's not possible to avoid the disadvantages but it is possible to minimise it by taking some precautions and correct steps. Hence, it all depends on what we choose as well said that we are neither born a winner or a loser but a chooser. Getting up early and doing a workout is a choice with getting up late and immediately join the work .

Thus, our choices decide how much something will effect us physically, emotionally and mentally . As doing a workout is a choice as compared to sleeping. Calling a friend and speaking to him or her is a choice as compared to just scrolling the social media page. And reading a e-book is also a choice as compared to just sitting ideal or watching any video to procrastinate. Hence, our actions decide how much something will effect us as we are responsible for our actions. Thus, it's important to take some smart decisions in order to benefit oneself from the work from home concept. In order to to take productive decisions, it's important to be properly aware of it. This can be done by proper planning. This can be done by going through some mentioned steps one by one. The first step is to define your goals and to categorise it into small and long term goals. This can further be categorised into important, not important , urgent and non urgent. This is done to have a clear idea about what we want and how much each goal is important and urgent to us.

The next step is to write down all the ways through which each goal can be achieved. After this it is important to analyse each step and also it's pros and cons before choosing the best option . Finally increase your productivity and efficiency by taking the choosen correct step. This can be improved further by making a daily or a weekly schedule. Balance is not only required in doing the work but also in the everyday tasks of life. There are many areas where we should give equal attention apart from the work . This can be like exercising everyday,consuming the right food and spending time with your loved ones as even these are equally important. Many small tasks could even sound useless due to which we may avoid it. But short term gain is always equal to long term pain .

Thus, we should be totally sure before neglecting any task. This problem can even be solved by delegating the task to someone. The Internet has played a major role in the work from home concept like the availability of being 24×7 with proper security to our data and the ease provided by the technology has resulted in the increase of Online jobs.The best part about work from home is that we can work anytime and anywhere according to our convenience.

Turning homes into offices is even environment friendly. As not going to the office safes fuel as the vehicle is not used . This leads to decrease in the amount of traffic on the roads further leading to minimising the noise pollution. Using laptops or personal computers instead of using papers is also a environmental friendly characteristic. Hence, the work from home concept has its own pros and cons depending on the situation, perspective and actions taken by the people. So nothing is positive or negative, our perspective decides whether something is positive or negative.