A girl who has various dreams

As everyone is born and grows up and becomes an infant they have various dreams. They all take education but at some time a thought comes to their mind that why this education is being imparted to them? What is the purpose for this education? So, yeah the education is imparted to everyone to teach them something and make them understand how things work. Getting educated helps them to learn things and also to dream to become something. People are fascinated by professional education and set up a goal to achieve their aim.

Like this there was a girl named Anita Banerjee who had various dreams. She was from a small town and her family was financially weak. She had an elder brother and two younger sisters too. Since her family was financially weak and her family couldn’t afford to teach two people together at a time. So she had to face many challenges in her life to study. She faced challenges because she was a girl and her family had a thinking of teaching son only because he would only run the house but she stood up for her and decided to study hard to help her family.

Anita was very intelligent from beginning only and also was a very dedicated girl. She was very passionate towards study and was also curious to learn new things. Though her school was in a small town, the school provided the students with all sorts of technologies essential for them. Anita was fascinated by programming and she was also clever and curious about programming. Slowly and gradually her interest started increasing in programming. Using programming she automated stuffs slowly because of which she was scolded but she learned through her mistakes.

As Anita was very good in studies, she topped in her state and her state Government awarded her with a laptop and with a sum of money too. As now she had her own laptop she started the programming on her laptop only and slowly and gradually she was well trained in programming. She participated in online hackathons. Her school noticed this talent of her’s and tried to send her to some more famous hackathons. Soon she got an offer for international hackathons but her family was not ready to send her as they didn’t had that much money to send her to other country but her family and school raised funds to send her to the hackathon and make her carrier.

She went there and she came 2nd in that competition. When she came back to her country she had become quite famous. She joined the top notch CS College on scholarship provided to her. She was regularly improving her skills but the scholarship that was provided to her was only for 1st year and for rest three years she had to pay herself. It was still difficult for her family to teach her because they were unable to afford such an expensive college. Soon her family had to face financial crisis because her father expired and from that point of time her job story began.

Anita started looking for jobs but since she was a first year student and also her luck was not with her none of the company provided her with a job so she decided to look for jobs online in the form of internship. She began to apply for internships in various companies and one day she received a call from one of the applied company, that she has been selected. Since she was getting good results in her college the college decided to provide her with scholarship for next year too. So now she could easily support her family. The company where she had got internship for coding provided her with a stipend of 10,000/- per month. She worked hard in the internship and also studied hard to gain scholarship for the next years too.

Until her graduation was completed she did numerous internships to support her family and she did well in all her internships. All the companies where she had done the internships provided her with Letter of Recommendation and Pre Placement Offer. All the companies were she did internship were happy and satisfied with her. Sometimes she became anxious and nervous about her study and internship but after talking to her family and friends she gained courage and strength and then again began her work and study.

After her graduation was completed in 2018, she joined a company by the Pre Placement Offer provided to her by the company where she did her internship. She had joined the company as a Software Development Engineer with a good package. Though she was very hardworking and intelligent she had to struggle a lot in her job. Her superiors gave her few difficult tasks which she used to complete on time and as a beautiful presentation but she had to hear a lot from her superiors. They took out mistakes from the tasks given by her which at a place lowered her morale but she didn’t give up. She worked hard to overcome her mistakes and enhanced her skills and developed her personality.

By 2019, a year later in the company, she became a valuable asset for the company and also became a larger part of the company’s environment. Her teammates were happy with the tasks done by her. She started hosting important meetings with the important clients. She received various awards in the time span of one year. Her success was always celebrated in the company and her achievements were acknowledged and remembered. She was succeeding in her life and was gaining victory.

As and when she was succeeding in 2020, the entire country was shut down due to COVID-19      pandemic. So she had to do work from home and that was her first time and also difficult for her because she belonged to a small town where internet connectivity was a big problem. This hurdle at a place made her nervous and tensed but she overcame it by investing a little in purchasing a broadband for her so that she could work effectively and efficiently.

She had to ensure that she is productive and she could be productive only when she stayed healthy and health is the most important point for her. Being careless with her health is directly proportional to risking her work. Since there would be no more daily commutes and also a reduced level of stress of travelling, there would be less chances of falling ill and it would result in more and better sleep. In addition, for health safety she should eat healthier and exercise more. These things will not only keep her healthy but will also balances the increased work life and will make her happier and more satisfied than before.

For working from home she required a proper work space but investing on purchase of a work space was a big point of tension for her as she didn’t new that will this work from home last for a long time but she came to a solution and did the investment on the work space as she didn’t wanted to compromise with her work.

Since she was very much dedicated towards her work she dressed as she used to dress in the office so as to bring the feel of office environment and also she didn’t wanted to miss on any meetings.

The office hours were increased but she didn’t let these extended office hours bother her. She did her work with full dedication and even if those extended hours bothered her she used to take small breaks frequently and in those breaks she used to spend time with her family. All the anxiety and frustration of her vanished.

As she faced a cut in her salary, this became the most crucial point for her because apart from her and her brother no one was there to support the family and she also had a fear of losing her job too but she didn’t let these fears distract her from her work. She worked hard and learned more from her superiors.

As Anita’s achievements were acknowledged and remembered in her office, the same way her achievements were acknowledged and remembered in work from home. Her success was celebrated through virtual meetings and she got the opportunities to host the important meetings with the important clients. This boosted her morale and she became more productive in her work. She suggested her superiors with any changes if required in other tasks.

As four to five months passed by work from home became a new normal for her. It made her difficult life easy to work. She could now look after her two younger sisters and could also support her family financially and she used to stay happy as she had the greatest opportunity to spend time with her family. All the things done by her company increased the sense of belonging towards her. She had a trust in her company and she adapted the new working life as it was an old one. She is quite happy with her company.