A change is necessary and that change has to be accepted

A change is necessary and that change has to be accepted.  Before this pandemic people  used to run to the office by reaching to a platform, catching train or metro in such a hurry that they sometimes forget to enjoy life. Although the salary would be quite handsome, but the cherishing moments with family, hangouts with friends were nodoubtedlty  missed out. Employers faced hectic work life. From working constantly for 6 hours to projects submissions, client meeting, reaching sites, choosing between whether to wear blue or red shirt and what not. That  was the time before lockdown. After pandemic the scenario has totally changed.

A system called work from home has taken place.  Employee now have to work remotely from home itself. They never thought it could be this way also. People are now getting enough span of time with family. The travelling jolt is saved. In between they can talk with anyone they want to . Employee mow are able to balance their personal  and professional life.  First they had no time for their loved ones . People used to had break up or divorse because they were running for money, connecting with the outside world, but failed to even care for their loved ones. Working from home has increase the working efficiency of the employers.

The reason being ‘happiness’. That led to  increase in consistency and productivity. People now is feeling less stress and are able to construct flexible work environment. Its not only the employers but the company also got beniffited by this. The saving up of cost of electricity in the office, power supply for computers and the other utilities.  

First there was a difficulty for the fact accepting from working from home but due to several modifications employee were now happy to work. This change is not about what we work but how the way we work. Imagine a child of 3 years old who needs constant care and love. But what if both the parent were working. The child was to be taken care by the  caretaker. Would it have been the same way as that of the mother?

Never. Now during this few months working women is not finding such difficulty. She is now able to nourish her child as well as submit the project given to her by the boss. Employees good efficiency has let to growth of company’s marketing. This new system also bought a change in their health environment. Employers in rush sometimes forgot to take lunch and ate all the junkies, which made them unhealthy and faced the consequences. Too much consumption of junk food and working constantly on computer lead to several diseases. Like brain tumour, obesity etc.. Also not forgetting about all the distractions like consumption of alcohol, smoking in parties etc.. Working remotely made the life stable and secure.  First they were sleep deprived.

Rejections of boss to working again and again on the same thing made them exhausted. Now as they have enough sleep it makes them feel lively and fresh which brings up better ideas no sooner the task being assigned to them. There is no distraction which helps to focus more on work. Some decades ago due to hectic schedule employers were very demotivated and talked about suicidal statements. That were the days when people achieved money but failed to remain lively and cheerful.

Now due to work from home , the work is same and even more but due to employers less work stress they are able to complete it within a span of time.  People has started realizing the importance of family. Now as said every coin has two sides. Some might feel this remoting to be a stupid waste or a blunder. For them being in office gave happiness. No doubt we would miss the office fun, office groups, train moments, that coffee in canteen with colleagues, that promotion parties, that late night work with friends on one side and pizza and coke on the other. But the same thing can be had at home itself.

Now its on the employer, until and unless he is not happy, wherever he work, office or home, would never give his best for any task assigned to him. He should be satisfied with his work, because although getting handsome amount, he is unhappy than thats a total waste. WORK THE WAY YOU LIKE NOT ON THE WAY YOU ARE FORCED TO LIKE.